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“Look At Those Babies!”: HIMYM Star Celebrates Show’s Anniversary With Throwback Cast Photo



  • Josh Radnor celebrates How I Met Your Mother’s 18th anniversary with a nostalgic cast photo, showing his appreciation for the iconic series.
  • How I Met Your Mother spin-off, How I Met Your Father, was canceled after two seasons, leaving questions unanswered and dampening hopes for a reunion.
  • While there’s no concrete indication of future projects, a special or revival of the show could provide an opportunity for a cast reunion and potentially answer lingering mysteries.



Josh Radnor shares a throwback cast photo as he celebrates How I Met Your Mother‘s 18th anniversary. In 2005, CBS debuted the Carter Bays and Craig Thomas-created sitcom. While it started with a focus on Ted Mosby’s narration of telling his kids in the future how he met their mother, the show became so much more than that, with the rest of his friend group eventually getting their own compelling arcs.

Almost two decades since it debuted and 9 years after How I Met Your Mother ended with its divisive finale, Radnor is celebrating the show’s anniversary by sharing a nostalgic cast image. Check it out below:

The photo shows Radnor with the main cast of How I Met Your Mother: Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, and Alyson Hannigan. In the comment section, Smulders also expresses her gratitude for being part of such an iconic cast.

Will A How I Met Your Mother Reunion Ever Happen?

How I Met Your Mother cast series finale

In this age of revivals and reboots, Hulu already attempted to expand the How I Met Your Mother franchise, hoping that its spin-off, How I Met Your Father will enjoy the same success as the original series. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. After just two seasons, How I Met Your Father was canceled, leaving several questions unanswered. Aside from an unfinished story, it also effectively ended hopes of seeing Ted Mosby and his friends back for cameos. For context, both Smulder’s Robin and Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney both appeared in the offshoot.

With How I Met Your Father unceremoniously finished, it’s curious if there are other plans to further expand the franchise, which will present another opportunity for a How I Met Your Mother reunion. Otherwise, a proper special can be staged, similar to Max’s Friends‘ reunion back in 2021. Granted that it doesn’t really move forward the story of the sitcom, seeing the cast come together will still be great for fans of the sitcom. Otherwise, the show can just be revived. In any case, there are several How I Met Your Mother mysteries that it can finally answer.

There isn’t any concrete indication that any of these proposed projects will actually happen. The show’s main cast members are busy with other projects, so it may be difficult to bring them all together. So for now, the best that fans can get is this nostalgic How I Met Your Mother photo.

Source: @joshradnor/Instagram


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