LotR: Return to Moria – How to Repair Weapons, Armor, & Tools

In The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, the Dwarves will find that they need to repair their gear – such as weapons, tools, and armor, in order to keep using it. Players can find what they need to repair their equipment around Moria without much trouble if they know what to look for. This will allow them to keep all of their favorite gear for the duration of the game, for a slight cost and very little inconvenience.



As players take on the role of the Dwarves in Return to Moria, they will be delving through the mines in order to survive and retake the mines for themselves. This will require having all the best equipment in tip-top shape for any dangerous situation and to mine the best materials. In order to do so, players will have to find a way to repair their gear as often as needed.

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Repairing Equipment in The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

A Dwarf standing in front of a Repair Smithy in LotR: Return to Moria

All of the player’s equipment in Return to Moria can be repaired using the Repair Smithy. The building plans for the Repair Smithy can be found in the menu under Handycraft in Essentials & Crafting, which will require 8 Iron Ingots.

However, to get the Iron Ingots, players will also first need to have unlocked the furnace. The Iron Ingots can be found by breaking walls and picking up Iron Ore, which can then be melted down in the furnace to turn them into Iron Ingots.

The furnace will have to be repaired in order to use it, which players will do in the course of the main story. If you haven’t reached the furnace yet, you will have to forge ahead before you can repair items.

Once players have the 8 Iron Ingots they can build the Repair Smithy, and they can then interact with it to see what kind of durability their equipment has left. All equipment – the weapons, tools, and armor – can be repaired with the same item, Metal Fragments. Most of the time, the repair cost is quite low, but it will depend on how badly it is damaged and what type of item it is as to how many Metal Fragments they need.

Fortunately, Metal Fragments are very common and can be found easily in the mines of Moria. Break any furniture you can find for a larger quantity of Metal Fragments, but they can also be found lying on the ground to be picked up. To get back to a Repair Smithy, players can always fast-travel in Return to Moria to keep their equipment repaired and always at the ready.

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