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Love Is Blind Season 5: Johnie Maraist’s Age, Job, Instagram, Hometown & More



  • Love Is Blind season 5 features a diverse cast with different backgrounds and expectations from their partners, creating an intriguing dynamic.
  • Johnie Maraist, a lawyer with a successful career, stands out as a prominent member of the upcoming season, showcasing her star power.
  • Johnie’s Instagram provides a glimpse into her glamorous lifestyle, showcasing her focus on fitness, love for travel, and dedication to her hometown of Houston, Texas.



Love Is Blind season 5 star Johnie Maraist is the perfect fit for the reality TV show. The Netflix show first premiered in early 2020 and instantly became successful due to its entertaining concept. The show featured a social experiment-style environment where single men and women fall in love and get engaged before meeting each other in person. Love Is Blind season 5 will be released on the popular streaming platform on September 22, 2023. It features a brand-new cast and seems full of new surprising moments that are the show’s staple.

The latest season of Love Is Blind has a colorful cast with interesting histories. As usual, most of these cast members come from different walks of life and have varied expectations from their partners. The show features nurses, dancers, teachers, HR experts, scientists, advisors, directors and many more. The latest trailer has highlighted that most of these people are ready to find love and have fun. They have specific reasons and issues for why they are single but are hopeful that being on a reality TV show will somehow change that.

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Johnie Maraist’s Job

One of the most standout cast members on the upcoming season is Johnie. She has already been at the forefront of Love Is Blind season 5 sneak peek trailers and seems to have that proverbial star power. Johnie‘s LinkedIn profile says she is a lawyer and has had “tremendous success in her career.” She’s 32 years old and focuses on growing herself. Johnie studied at the University of Houston Law Center and became a Doctor of Law. The new Love Is Blind cast member also has a Bachelor of Arts and has worked in the judicial profession since 2016.

Johnie Maraist’s Instagram

Like most new Love Is Blind stars, Johnie is on social media and loves to post about her glamorous lifestyle. While she only has 3.5k followers on Instagram, she has already shared high-quality posts that will help her become a popular influencer soon. Johnie’s posts reveal a lot about her daily routine. The young lawyer loves to hang out with her friends and travel to unique locations. She likes to attend concerts and focuses on her fitness. Johnie has captioned one of her posts as, “ya health is ya wealth,” highlighting her fitness-oriented mindset.

Johnie Maraist’s Hometown

Montage of Love Is Blind Season 5 Cast

Johnie is from Houston, Texas, and has lived most of her adult life there. She has dedicated an Instagram highlight to her hometown, where she loves to post her milestones and adventures in Houston. Johnie appreciates art, evident from her various Instagram stories featuring paintings and sculptures. She is a proud dog mom and enjoys sharing photos of her pet, Barry. Johnie likes to invest her time in all kinds of activities. She previously posted a story promoting Houston Beagle Rescue Organization, helping cute dogs get a second at finding love. Overall, it seems Johnie from Love Is Blind has a caring personality and would be a great partner to any guy on the show.

Love Is Blind season 5 premieres on Netflix on September 22 at 12 a.m. PST.

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