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Lucia Profile & Facts

Lucia Profile & Facts

Lucia (루시아) is a South Korean singer and songwriter who debuted in 2010 under Pastel Music with the single album 첫 번째 방 and the title track 좋아. She’s currently under her own label 헤아릴규

Fandom Name: Roommate (룸메이트)
Fandom Colors:

Stage Name: Lucia (루시아)
Birth Name: Sim Gyu-seon (심규선)
Chinese Name: Shěn Kúixiān (沈揆先)
Birthday: July 16, 1986
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 164 cm (5’4½”)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: luciatune
Threads: @luciatune
YouTube: 심규선(LUCIA) official
Naver Café: r00mmate
Naver Blog: 심규선

Lucia Facts:
— She was born in Busan, South Korea
— Education: Busan Arts College
— She’s a Catholic
— Her stage name is also her baptismal name
— She also goes by her birth name, Sim Gyuseon. She began using it as of December 2016, after departing from her old company Pastel Music
— While she mainly promotes with her birth name, her stage name is still largely used on streaming platforms
— Her MBTI personality type is ENTP
— Her fan café’s named Lucia’s Room (루시아의 방)
— She tends to address fans in a friendly manner
— Veteran singer Kim Gunmo and former (?) f(x) member Luna among others mentioned being fans of hers
— She was credited for composing XIA‘s 꼭 어제 (Just Yesterday)
BTS members often recommend her songs through Twitter/X
— She actively collaborates with indie artists such as Epitone Project and Broccoli, you too‘s Yoon Deokwon among others
— She has been in several indie festivals since 2015
— When she was 17, a few days before her high school admission ceremony, she had a car crash which resulted in her having to undergo a craniotomy. While looking for something to focus on after the surgery, she was shocked at reading books about the life and works of Frida Kahlo. However, she felt she had so much to express for her ability that she already felt the limit and started to “wander”
— At that time, her art teacher quoted Rodin as saying, “The roots of all art are the same. It’s just different branches.” That made her fully devoted to music, as well as frequently quote the artist in interviews
— The encounter with a teacher she casually met is what made her start her music career. Said teacher never asked her anything in return for the lessons they gave her. She’s said to consider them as her only mentor
— She usually takes her shoes off on stage and performs barefoot. She’s believed to be uncomfortable when wearing shoes on stage
— Every time she sings, she reacts as if she were dancing to the rhythm of the music. She said it’s not planned, but an improvised movement, as to show her strength when singing a song particularly difficult to perform
— As she completes a solo concert, the audience (or, better said, whoever bought tickets) appears in the ending credits
— She enjoys wearing long dresses on stage. She hasn’t performed in trousers since 2013
— In 2003, she won the Grand Prize at the 4th PBC Creative Life Hymn contest for 무엇을 먹을까 (What to Eat)
— In 2004, she won the Grand Prize in Korean Music at the Yeosu International Youth Celebration
— In 2005, she won the gold medal at the 29th MBC College Song Festival as a vocalist for the band ASCO
— During her time as an ASCO member, a big company tried to recruit her; however, they posed the conditions that she’d have to undergo plastic surgery and accept to debut as part of a 4-member group. She eventually declined
— In 2009, she acted in the musical 마법사들 as the protagonist Koo Ja-eun
— In 2010, she was a guest vocalist for Epitone Project
— In January 2018, she was on King of Masked Singer
— She’s also an author. She posted two works in 2012 and 2022 respectively
— On October 26, 2021, her AI voice was added to the Naver service Clova Dubbing

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