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‘Majestic’ video of deer crossing bright blue lake is ‘what heaven must be like’

An incredible video of a herd of deer crossing a lake has gone viral on Twitter and left everyone in awe.

It was shared by the viral account @fasc1nate this week, but has actually been circling social media since 2018.

Beautiful video of deer crossing lake

In the 16-second clip, a group of bright white stags with huge antlers are walking across a lake surrounded by grass.

The beautiful animals are strolling through the shallow water, which is a magical blue colour, and taking sips of it.

It’s not clear who shared the viral video, but it’s been posted on social media numerous times over the last five years.

Some captions say it was filmed in Pennsylvania, while others link it to one of Switzerland’s magnificent lakes.

Majestic deer crossing blue lake
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‘Majestic’ clip has Twitter in awe

The clip has resurfaced on Twitter this week where many are in disbelief at the animals’ beauty.

One person wrote: “That lake is majestic.”

“So colorful it looks like a game,” said another.

A third person added: “That looks ethereal.”

“That’s what heaven must be like,” someone else tweeted.

It comes just days after a video of a green furry snake that was spotted in Thailand terrified people on the platform.

Thankfully the reptile, which looks like something out of a nightmare, was probably just a normal snake covered in algae.

‘The water looks edited’

Many are convinced the video has had a filter applied to it that makes the water look magnificently blue.

Someone said “That water looks edited” while another added: “Would be nice without the filter.”

A few have also speculated there is blue dye in the water, with one person saying: “Notice you can’t see the bottom even though it’s so shallow. It’s pond dye.”

Others say it’s artificial intelligence, with one commenter arguing “Definitely AI” and another agreeing: “Looks like CGI.

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