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‘Marked Safe from Zombie Apocalypse’ memes take over as emergency alert shuts down conspiracy theorists

Those who came to believe the baseless conspiracy theories about the end of the world in the wake of the National Emergency Alert are sulking about the failed doomsday prediction and others are amusing themselves with hilarious ‘Marked Safe from Zombie Apocalypse’ memes as the test didn’t lead to zombification, after all.

The wild theories that surfaced on social media before the emergency alert went off on Wednesday led to people thinking the anti-vaxxers would be the only survivors once the supposed virus activated from the EAS signal would turn the vaccinated population into zombies. As that didn’t happen, trolls are responding with hilarious Marked Safe memes.

Beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse
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‘Marked Safe from Zombie Apocalypse’ memes are hilarious

People across social media are marking themselves “safe” from the supposed Zombie Apocalypse, which the believers predicted ahead of FEMA’s test. Here’s a compilation of the most hilarious ones.

Have you marked yourself safe yet?

When you finally evade the imaginary walking dead.

A failed doomsday prediction obviously calls for celebration!

More power to the saviors.

Yes, it’s as important as surviving the dead.

Good on you!

Phage couldn’t look happier.

Trolls laugh off rumors about the Emergency Alert test

Federal law has made it mandatory for National Emergency Alert to be tested once in three years and it is solely intended to “maintain and improve alert and warning capabilities” at different levels by evaluating the public alert system and warning capabilities.

As opposed to wild claims, the alert that went off on Wednesday around 2 p.m. obviously did not turn people who have got the COVID-19 vaccine into zombies. But many still turned their phones off on October 4 fearing the supposed activation of the Marburg virus through the audio signals from the national alert. And they said, once the new virus finds its way into the body of the vaccinated population, they would turn into the dead that feed on the living.

Of course, the failed prediction has inspired some extremely interesting remarks from trolls who refuted the claims from the get-go.

“The Zombie Emergency Alert Test of 2023 has mortally wounded me. Alas. Farewell,” said one.

Another joked: “Cross your fingers for me that the emergency alert turned my landlord into a zombie.”

One user wrote: “Why didn’t that emergency alert turn everyone into zombies? REALLY disappointing.”

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