Marry My Husband Episode 13 Recap and Review: Su-min’s Reason and Ji-won’s Confession

Marry My Husband Episode 13 Recap and Review: Yu-ra’s plan is hindered by Ji-hyuk while Ji-won finally finds out the reason behind Su-min’s obsession with making her life a mess. Directed by Park Won-gook, Seong So-jak’s manhua adaptation of the same name stars Park Min-young, Na In-woo, Lee Yi-kyung, Song Ha-yoon, Lee Gi-kwang, and Gong Min-jung, alongside other cast members.

Marry My Husband (내 남편과 결혼해줘) tells the story of Kang Ji-won whose life takes a turn when she discovers her husband having an affair with her best friend. However, before she can do anything about it, she is sent to death. That is when she wakes up to find herself 10 years in the past with a chance to make things right. But will she find something more than just revenge?

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The synopsis of the show reads:

A woman who was murdered after witnessing her husband’s affair with her best friend, returns to ten years ago and begins her second life.

-Marry My Husband Episode 13 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Marry My Husband Episode 13 Recap

As Ji-won rushes Ji-hyuk into the hospital we are taken 6 days before the accident when Yu-ra meets Min-hwan to get him to fulfil a task for her that will teach Ji-won a good lesson. She doesn’t tell him what it is and tells him to think about it before meeting her again. Min-hwan meets Ji-won the next day to understand if she left him because Ji-hyuk is the chairman’s grandson.

While he calls her a greedy person, Ji-won reminds him that he was the one who cheated on her with Su-min and their breakup was because of him. Later, Min-hwan sees Ji-won with a man who is delivering her fried chicken and recalls that he is none other than the person who once arrived at Ji-won’s house and was also the man who kidnapped him to extort money.

He understands that Ji-won has been trying to get rid of him this whole time and decides to join hands with Yu-ra. She is pleased with his arrival and tells him that he needs to kill Ji-won as she is now worth 8 billion Won after Ji-hyuk transferred properties in her name. Min-hwan is shocked by this and tells Su-min about the same.

Marry My Husband Episode 13 Review
Marry My Husband Episode 13 still

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This makes Su-min go crazy as she never wanted Ji-won to be happy and seeing her living a life better than herself is making her killing instincts rise. He tells her about his plan to kill Ji-won which will make them rich because then all of her wealth will go to her sole family member- her mother. Su-min is captivated by this idea and the next day Su-min meets her father who is being harassed by debtors.

She hands him the money Min-hwan got from Yu-ra and tells them that if the task is fulfilled then they can live a wealthy life. This is all it takes for her father and Ji-won’s mother, who is with him to accept the task. Meanwhile, Ji-hyuk visits Yu-ra and hands over a company worth trillions of Won in exchange for her to leave Ji-won alone.

Yu-ra declines his offer and is hell-bent on getting together with Ji-hyuk which displeases him as he is now ready to take her down in another way. Min-hwan overhears their conversation and is worried that Ji-hyuk will harm him but is convinced to finish the task when Yu-ra tells him that she will take care of everything behind the scenes.

Soon, the day of Ji-won’s father’s death anniversary arrives and Yu-ra decides to bring Ji-won’s end on this day. While Ji-won is leaving the arboretum Ji-hyuk finds out that her mother has illegally rented a dump truck which is now heading towards Ji-won and that this might be related to the properties he has transferred under her name.

Ji-hyuk then calls the person whom he asked to follow Ji-won and finds out that Ji-won has already left the arboretum and that he can’t stop her as his car just broke down. With this, Ji-hyuk wastes no time in making his way to Ji-won and reaches her right before the truck driven by Su-min’s father can reach her.

Marry My Husband Episode 13 Review
Marry My Husband Episode 13 still

After recording his confession in her voicemail, he stops the truck and takes the impact. The scene shifts back to the hospital where Ji-won’s phone is finally switched on and she sees the voicemail left behind by Ji-hyuk. She finds out about how Ji-hyuk died in their previous life and his confession that he left behind for her.

Elsewhere, Yu-ra finds out about Ji-hyuk’s accident and calmly tells Min-hwan to take his wife and go back home while ordering her subordinate to take care of Su-min’s father and his wife. Min-hwan rushes to get Su-min and sees her creating a scene in the room after her father left with his lover while leaving her behind.

Min-hwan calms her down and takes her back home while telling her to act like nothing happened and that she does not know about what her father did. Meanwhile, the doctors inform Ji-hyuk’s family and her that he has been treated but there’s no telling of when he would wake up.

After having overheard Suk-joon discuss Su-min’s involvement in this accident and the doctor’s statement, Ji-won is no longer able to hold back and rushes to meet Su-min. She finally confronts Su-min about what she has done and asks why has she been unable to let her be happy in life.

Su-min no longer holds any pretences and tells her that she has been harbouring ill intentions since childhood when she found out that Ji-won is the daughter of the woman who ran away with her father. She tells Ji-won that seeing how well Ji-won’s father treated her while she was left behind made her angry and she wanted nothing more than to destroy all of Ji-won’s happiness.

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Marry My Husband Episode 13 Review
Marry My Husband Episode 13 still

Marry My Husband Episode 13 Ending

Ji-won is shocked by this and tells Su-min that she is aware of Su-min’s identity and wants to treat her well because of what their parents did. Su-min doesn’t believe her as she wouldn’t have dumped Min-hwan on her if Ji-won cared. Ji-won is not surprised by her words and understands why she turned out to be in the situation that she is.

Ji-won promises Su-min that she will now show her what real hell feels like and leaves from there. She returns to Ji-hyuk’s side and receives a message from Joo-ran who tells her that her husband is cheating on her. Elsewhere, Suk-joon is outside Joo-ran’s father’s restaurant when he sees her running away from something.

He finds out that Joo-ran has come to know about her husband’s affair and rushes behind her to tell her to show her anger for what her husband has done instead of running away. Joo-ran finally breaks down and tells him how she had been waiting for her husband but never expected him to cheat on her like this.

Suk-joon stays with her while she cries her heart out; on the other hand, Yu-ra meets Eun-ho. Meanwhile, Su-min secretly takes Yu-ra’s number from Min-hwan’s phone. The following day, Ji-won stays beside Ji-hyuk and begs him to wake up while playing his voicemail once again.

While she cries out, Ji-hyuk finally opens his eyes and confesses his love to Ji-won who replies to him with the words that he had been waiting for all this time.

Marry My Husband Episode 13 Review
Marry My Husband Episode 13 still

Marry My Husband Episode 13 Review

This episode starts a fight about who is worse- Su-min or Yu-ra, as they both engage in a fierce battle to be the better antagonist. Meanwhile, Ji-hyuk continues to heal our hearts with his love for Ji-won which remains unconditional and abundant, and seeing him wake up to Ji-won’s confession was the moment we had all been waiting for.

This episode made us feel different levels of sadness for Ji-won; having finally understood that she suffered an entire lifetime for the same reason which made her treat Su-min exceptionally well, to seeing Ji-hyuk wounded to protect her. Ji-won has had a real emotional rollercoaster in this episode.

Whereas Ji-hyuk once again wins our hearts with his love for Ji-won while in contrast to him is Min-hwan who has begun his cheating game once again. Meanwhile, both the women accompanying him are getting on the viewers’ nerves as they continue to make waves for petty reasons.

Let’s hope that the antagonist drama comes to an end soon so that we can enjoy more of Ji-won and Ji-hyuk’s romance which is only going to get better hereon. Meanwhile, what do you think is the reason Yu-ra approached Eun-ho? Let us know in the comments below!

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