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Martin Henderson to Make Directorial Debut in ‘Virgin River’ Season 6

Martin Henderson Directing In Virgin River Season 6

Picture: virginriverseries / Instagram

New Zealand actor Martin Henderson has been playing the role of Jack Sheridan in Virgin River for over five years now. For the upcoming sixth season, he’ll add another feather to his cap with news that he’ll be making his directorial debut by sitting behind the camera for the first time in his career for season 6.

The news comes via The Viewers Perspective (who has contributed to What’s on Netflix before), who spotted Martin Henderson’s addition in a recent listing on the Director’s Guild of Canada website.

According to The Viewers Perspective, Henderson will direct in block three but notes that they’re not currently aware of how many episodes he’ll be directing or whether he’ll be co-directing. For those unaware, production blocks (or shooting blocks as they’re also referred to) are where several episodes are grouped and shot together. As the outlet also notes, another cast member, Tim Matheson, has previously directed the show.

As covered in our main Virgin River season 6 preview, other directors on board this season include returning veteran Martin Wood (18 episode credits on the series and counting), who will direct episodes 1 and 2. Rama Rau will make her directorial debut on Virgin River this season, directing episodes 3 and 4, and most recently, we learned that Felipe Rodriguez, who directed in season 4, will return to direct episodes 5 and 6.

Henderson, listed as a DGA member by the Directors Guild of Canada, is listed alongside fellow directors Felipe Rodriguez and Martin Wood.

The show is deep into production, with filming starting in February 2024 and currently scheduled to wrap at the end of May 2024. Henderson posted on Instagram when the show was first announced to be back in production:

“Aaaaaannnnnnndddddd……we’re back! Back at it in Vancouver commencing shooting for season 6 of #virginriver that’s right folks we are at it again! Feels so good to be back in Jack’s boots making more what we hope to be riveting, romantic and racy drama for y’all. Stay tuned for more updates on set life and BTS banter….”

The show continues to be filmed throughout British Columbia, Canada. No release date has yet been given for the next season (which is set to be a reduced ten episodes), although it’s expected to arrive by 2025 at the earliest due to delays caused by the WGA and SAG strikes.

Are you looking forward to watching season 6 of Virgin River? Let us know in the comments down below.


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