Marvel Names the 1 MCU Hero Who’s Immune to Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense


  • Iron Man is building a new suit that has a built-in immunity to Spider-Man’s spider-sense, as revealed in Invincible Iron Man #11.
  • Tony Stark and Emma Frost’s honeymoon serves a bigger purpose, as they plan to steal mysterium from Krakoa and use it to create Tony’s new armor.
  • The mysterium armor not only disrupts spider-sense, but also possesses durability and anti-magic properties, making it a significant upgrade for Iron Man.



Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Invincible Iron Man #11!Iron Man was the cornerstone of the MCU’s Infinity Saga, and now his comics’ counterpart is putting the finishing touches on a new suit that comes with built-in immunity Spider-Man‘s famous spider-sense. Fall of X has seen Tony Stark’s personal life fall apart at roughly the same time as mutantkind’s entire existence is thrown into uncertainty. To help save those he loves and avenge those who have been lost, mutant discoveries and Stark’s engineering have fused into an all-new asset.

Following their covert marriage operation, Invincible Iron Man #11 by Gerry Duggan and Andrea Di Vito details Tony Stark and Emma Frost’s equally ambitious honeymoon. After ensuring that their apparent Hawaiian getaway is healthily documented on social media by excited onlookers, the real mission gets underway. Just as the pair strategically chose Vegas as their wedding locale, Hawaii has brought Iron Man and the White Queen within reasonable distance of Krakoa, where Emma’s stash of mysterium lies in wait.

Invincible Iron Man #11 Mysterium v Spider-sense 1

One successful heist and a relatively easy job of building a whole new mysterium Iron Man suit later, Tony takes the metal around to a few friends for testing, including Spider-Man.

Iron Man’s X-Men Armor Breaks Spider-Senses and More

Invincible Iron Man #11 Mysterium v Spider-sense 2

Spider-Man is the last visit on Tony’s field test for his new mysterium armor, at this point disguised as a cane. Cracking the cane across Peter’s unsuspecting shin gives Iron Man first-hand proof that mysterium’s cosmic qualities entirely circumvent spider-sense. Spider-sense, as wielded by Miles Morales, Peter Parker, and Cindy Moon among others, acts as a low level form of psychic ability; a limited form of precognition that Spider-People use to avoid immediate danger. Its origins are somewhat mystical in nature, so it isn’t too far-fetched to read mysterium’s anti-magic aspects to be able to disrupt spider-sense.

Iron Man also visits a couple of other heroes during the testing montage. Besting both Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange in challenges to mysterium’s durability and cancelation of magic, Tony’s new armor is set to be quite the upgrade. Building a new suit out of mysterium raises the new metal’s profile significantly within the Marvel Universe, as it has mainly existed within the X-Men line of books since its debut. Marrying the element to the latest innovations of the Armored Avenger puts mysterium more in the category of vibranium, adamantium, and prometheum, fictional metals that have made long-lasting impacts all over Earth-616.

Mysterium Makes Iron Man Stronger, But Not Invincible

Invincible Iron Man #11 End Sting

Iron Man’s new immunity to spider-sense may be of use sooner than readers realize. With the recent return of the Superior Spider-Man and the maniacal Chasm on the loose once more, negating their spider-sense would give Tony a big leg up in a scrap. Then again, both Venom and Green Goblin have found their own ways around Peter’s spider-sense in the past, and the Wall-Crawler still manages to always fight another day. In the end, immunity to Spider-Man‘s spider-sense is one of a few new assets Iron Man has access to via his mysterium suit, but it remains to be seen if that’s enough for what’s in store as Fall of X draws to a close.

Invincible Iron Man #11 is available now from Marvel Comics.


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