Master Oogway’s YouTube Account Banned, Netizens Give Mixed Reactions

The famous YouTuber, Master Oogway, who is well known for his challenge and voice-over videos, recently went to X, Elon Musk’s platform, to reveal that YouTube has banned him.

YouTuber Omer Sastim never ceases to be in the limelight for his controversial memes and jokes.

Master Oogway’s YouTube Account Banned

Master Oogway, aka Omer Sastim, wrote, “I’ve officially been canceled. I appealed the ban, but YouTube refused.”

The YouTuber’s post further read, “Lost millions of fans that watched me and everything I worked for all over a silly joke. I want to thank everyone who watched and enjoyed my videos. I will now go on with my other businesses. Bye @YouTube.”

The YouTuber also claimed that he lost thousands of fans who enjoyed his videos. Thus, on X, he extended gratitude to his supporters.

Netizens gave a mixed reaction to the YouTuber’s ‘farewell post.’ Some people claimed that the type of content he shared deserved a ban, while others supported him as well.

Master Oogway added that he had bid farewell to his YouTube career. Moreover, he will emphasize more on his other businesses now.

In another post, the YouTuber added, “Wow, the haters that spam reported me actually did it. I’m permanently banned from YouTube. Hope you guys will reconsider this as I definitely changed my content for the better @TeamYouTube.”

Master Oogway’s posts went viral within a few minutes of him sharing them on Elon Musk’s social media platform. The post also garnered countless reactions.

Netizens also questioned the YouTuber’s content, while others requested the ex-YouTuber to share his content on X, formerly Twitter.

The post has gathered more than a million views until now.

Netizens’ Reactions

One user wrote, “That’s your fault, not ours.”

A second user wrote, “King. Please start posting the videos on Twitter, people who dislike you will also push those to more popularity, and in the end, you can only get stronger because those kids will at some point grow up.”

A third user wrote, “Good luck with everything, you had a great run!”

Another added, “Bro will change his opinion very soon. Mark my words.

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