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Meet Mother Terry Muller, Ethnicity

Who are Jasmine Roth parents? Discover more about Jasmine’s personal and professional journey by delving into her experiences and accomplishments.

Jasmine Roth, a designer and builder based in California, is known for turning ordinary houses into personalised dream homes.

She showcased her skills as the host of HGTV’s Hidden Potential for two seasons.

In her latest show, Help! I Wrecked My House, Jasmine steps in to help enthusiastic DIYers fix and improve their home improvement projects gone wrong.

She not only rescues these projects but also adds her touch with beautiful and functional designs to create custom spaces.

Jasmine’s passion for building started during her childhood in Virginia, where she spent time constructing playhouses and furniture in her dad’s garage.

At present, she lives in California with her spouse, Brett, and their daughter, Hazel.

In 2019, Jasmine emerged as the winner of Season 2 of HGTV’s popular competition series, Rock the Block.

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Jasmine Roth Parents: Meet Mother Terry Muller

Jasmine was born in Virginia in 1984 to her mother, Terry Mueller. Her father’s identity including his name and profession is not known as of now.

She spent much of her childhood with her skilled carpenter father in rural Virginia, learning construction skills from him that sparked her passion for home renovation.

Also, she has an older brother and younger sister she grew up with as well.

Jasmine met her now-husband, Brett Roth, in college when they were roommates. Their romance began in 2006.

An image of Jasmine including her mother and daughter (Source: People)

The couple tied the knot on September 7, 2013.

Running his own business, Brett wholeheartedly backs the builder’s love for home renovation without seeking television attention.

In October 2019, the couple joyfully revealed the news of expecting their first child. Hazel Lynn Roth entered the world on April 21, 2020.

Embracing parenthood has brought immense joy and deepened their connection as a couple.

Jasmine Roth Ethnicity

Roth has an interesting ethnic background from her family history of both Jewish and Germanic heritage.

Originally named Jasmine Yrizzarry, she took on the Roth name when she married Brett.

Jasmine Roth parents
An adorable picture of Jasmin’s family including her husband and their daughter (Source: Instagram)

Her ethnic roots include both Jewish and Germanic heritage, tracing back to the Jewish religion, culture, and Germanic customs and language.

This diverse background represents the multicultural society Roth lives in.

As someone of Jewish and Germanic descent, she values her heritage while building her career as a popular home remodeler and television personality.

Jasmine Roth Wiki 

The popular TV personality Jasmine was born in 1984, as of 2024, she is 39 years old.

Jasmine was born into a normal family. She attended Northeastern University for her education.

From a young age, Roth enjoyed building things, initially getting into renovations accidentally.

She did not originally intend to become an HGTV celebrity or home remodeler.

In 2008, Roth graduated from Northeastern with a degree in entrepreneurship and new venture management, also meeting her husband Brett there.

Subsequently, Roth moved to California, seeking a career in corporate consulting.

Roth and her husband purchased land in Huntington Beach and planned to construct their dream home themselves as well as an investment property on nights and weekends, learning by doing.

With this experience, Roth resigned from her job to concentrate on these renovation projects full-time. In 2012, she established her company, Built Custom Homes.

Roth started sharing her journey of building homes on Instagram, and that’s where TV producers noticed her.

When HGTV producers contacted her, Roth created a brief 2-minute pilot video introducing herself.

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