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Miles Wei/Wei Zhe Ming (魏哲鸣) Profiles & Facts

Miles Wei/Wei Zhe Ming (魏哲鸣) Profiles & Facts

Wei Zhe Ming (English name: Miles) is a Chinese actor and pop singer. He graduated from Tianjin Normal University majoring in broadcasting and hosting.

Stage Name: Miles Wei
Birth Name: Wei Zhe Ming (魏哲鸣)
English Name: Miles
Birthday: May 23, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Birth Place: Jining, Shandong
Height: 183cm (6’0″)
Weight: 68kg (149.6 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Fandom Name: Wei Xing (Satellite)
Fandom Colour:
Instagram:  wzm.523
Weibo:  魏哲鸣Miles

Miles Wei/Wei Zhe Ming Facts:
– He was born in Jining of Shandong Province, China.
– Miles Wei’s agency is A-RINGS FILM
– Education: he studied at Tianjin Normal University, majored in broadcasting
– Favorite Singer: Jay Chou
– Enjoys playing the drums and dancing
– Likes to play basketball
– He is afraid of travel by flight
– Prefers travel to mountain oversea
– Likes dogs and cats
– Describe himself by an animal he choose Labrador
– The anime character he wants to be is Rukawa Kaede
– The extreme sport he would most like to try is skydiving
– Miles Wei likes to play modern dramas
– Ideal Type Girlfriend: cute, understanding

Miles Wei/Wei Zhe Ming Dramas:
Love Nagging As Lu Fan (2017)
The Endless Love As Wei Zi Jian (2017)
Dragon’s Day, You’re Dead As Long Hai Yi (2017)
Dragon’s Day, You’re Dead Season 2 As Long Hai Yi (2018)
My Amazing Boyfriend Season 2 As Jiang Yi Heng (2019)
Wait, My YouthAs Pei Yan (Ep. 18) (2019)
Fall In Love As Tang Hao Yun  (2019)
Rush Into Danger | As Yu Fei (2019)
Find Yourself | As Chang Huan (2020)
Count Your Lucky Stars As Lu Yan Zhi  (2020)
Perfect And Casual As Zhang Si Nian (2020)
My Super Natural Power As Xu Zhe (2020)
World of Honor | As Jing Bei Yuan (2021)
Twelve Legends As Meng Muo (Ep. 25-26) (2021)
Unforgettable Love | As He Qiao Yan (2021)
If Voice Has Memory As Lin Nan (2021)
Fox Spirit Matchmaker As [Third Mister Of Ao Lai Kingdom] (2023)
Echo Of Her Voice | As Yun Mu (2023)
My Marvellous Mavel As Feng Tian Lan (2023)
Hello, I’m At Your Service | As Lou Yan (2023)
Rising With The Wind As Gao Yi (2023)
Only For Love As Yu You (2023)
I May Love You | As Tang Yu (2023)
White Cat Legend As Qiu Jing Zhi (2024)
You Are My Secret | As Ji Yu Heng (TBA)
19th Floor As Gao Xuan (TBA)
 Pi Jing Zhan Ji De Da Xiao Jie| As Xu Cheng Feng (TBA)

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