Where are they now?

Miracle²: Where Are They Now?

Miracle²: Where Are They Now?

Miracle² was a temporary idol unit created for the Girls x Heroine series Idol x Warrior Miracle Tunes!. The group disbanded on March 31, 2018. Here’s where the members are now!

Asaka Uchida (Kanon Ichinose)

– She announced that she joined Suns Entertainment a few months after disbandment.
– However, in June 2019, she left the company to focus on her studies.
– She is active on her Instagram.

Suzuka Adachi (Mai Kanzaki)

– Suzuka left the entertainment industry following the group’s disbandment in order to continue her studies.

Yuzuha Oda (Fuka Tachibana)

– She is currently a member of Girls².

Rina Usukura (Akari Shiratori)

– From January-March 2018, she played the role of Sana in Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoki Mieru.
– On May 1, 2019, she was revealed as a member of the project Shoujo Uta Gekidan Project.
– She later left the project on November 20, 2019, for personal reasons.
– On January 12, 2021, she auditioned for Chojudai 2021 (Super Teens Model 2021) to be a runway model.
– On February 5, Rina announced she had signed with talent agency Incubation.
– Following this, on February 8, Rina was announced to be the new image model for TEZUKA WORLD RETRO x GAME, a collaboration between Tezuka Osamu and GAMES GLORIOUS.
– On June 7, Rina announced she was going to star in Kyousuki‘s latest season.
– She has an Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Mio Nishiyama (Hikari Shiratori)

– Mio left the entertainment industry to continue her studies.

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