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Moghedien is The Wheel of Time’s creepiest villain – ‘softly, softly, from the shadows’

The season 2 finale of The Wheel of Time introduced fans to Moghedien, one of the creepiest villains in the much-loved fantasy franchise.

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 8* — After eight episodes filled with twists, turns and heartbreak, season 2 of The Wheel of Time has come to an end but the dying moments of the Prime Video finale feature an incredibly ominous and skin-crawling tease for season 3 with the introduction of a key new character.

The Wheel of Time introduces Moghedien

Following the blood-soaked events of the episode and the Battle of Falme, Lanfear returns home to her villainous lair with a satisfied and sinister smirk on her face.

However, that look quickly turns to one of panic when she enters a darkened room to find a young-looking woman already sitting in there, toying with a weave of One Power that looks rather like a spider’s web.

Lanfear’s unexpected guest is Moghedien, another of the Forsaken. Lanfear quickly starts looking around the room for a weapon but is stopped in her tracks when Moghedien traps her with her web-like magic.

Moghedien ominously reveals that Ishamael freed all of the remaining Forsaken as he suspected that Lanfear would betray him.

She also issues a warning that she and the remaining Forsaken will be going after Rand al’Thor with everything they’ve got – rather than getting too up close and personal with him as Lanfear did.

After Moghedien disappears, light floods back into the room, leaving Lanfear with a foreboding thought: “Light help you, Rand al’Thor.”

Natasha O'Keefe as Lanfear looking worried in The Wheel of Time season 2
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Who is Moghedien?

Moghedien is one of the thirteen Forsaken, the closest allies of the Dark One.

Formerly known as Lillen Moiral, she was originally an Aes Sedai until her allegiance shifted to the Dark One.

Her new name, Moghedien, translates as Spider, hence the web-like appearance of her weave and her secretive and skulking nature.

Moghedien considers herself the master of Tel’aran’rhiod, the Unseen World or the World of Dreams, which Lanfear used to imprison Rand earlier in season 2. Worryingly, Moghedien’s abilities within the Unseen World are far more advanced than what we saw with Lanfear.

Technically speaking, Moghedien is the weakest of the Forsaken in terms of outright power, but her web-like use of the One Power and connection with Tel’aran’rhiod makes her a foe to be feared.

Laia Costa as Moghedien casting a web-like spell in The Wheel of Time season 2
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The Wheel of Time fans react to chilling introduction

Even though the season 2 finale of The Wheel of Time was an action-packed thrill ride, the introduction of Moghedien has been hailed as the highlight by many fans who have taken to social media to offer their thoughts.

One fan on X (formerly Twitter) wrote: “I’m so excited for the next seasons of The Wheel of Time. Moghedien’s crazy is JUST THE START. It’s gonna be wild.”

Another added: “Moghedien’s weaves look DOPE. A book reader would tell before Lanfear said her name. Such an amazing detail.”

This fan was full of praise: “The season finale of The Wheel of Time was fantastic. Moghedien creeps me the f*** out, perfect actress!”

“Lanfear spent three episodes of badassery establishing herself as the coolest Chosen,” said another commenter. “And Moghedien undid it in like 30 seconds.”

This fan was a big fan of Moghedien’s actress: “Laia Costa as Moghedien was incredible. Cannot wait for next season.”

And finally, this commenter simply said: “Wow that’s how to do an introduction #Moghedien.”

Laia Costa as Moghedien grinning ominously in The Wheel of Time season 2
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Season 2 of The Wheel of Time is available to stream in full on Prime Video after the finale aired on October 6, 2023.

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