Mohbad Imole began convulsing after nurse gave him an anti-tetanus injection


Lagos State Police Command has arrested the nurse who allegedly gave late Nigerian musician Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, also known as Mohbad, an injection before his death.

According to a police source, investigators discovered that the musician was beatnby the same persons who constantly harassed and molested him after a gig in Ikorodu. 

He was alleged to have suffered injuries as a result of the beating, prompting him to seek the care of a nurse at home. 

Mohbad began convulsing after receiving injections, one of which was said to be an anti-tetanus shot.

A tetanus shot is a toxoid vaccine that protects against tetanus, a potentially fatal bacterial infection. “Investigators have established that he was beaten by the same people that have always harangued him after his show in Ikorodu and he sustained some injuries.

“When he returned home, he complained of stomach pains, so a nurse was summoned to treat him.” 

One of the injections he received was an anti-tetanus shot. After the treatment, he began convulsing and died at home.”


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