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Motohashi Meika Profile and Facts


Motohashi Meika (Produce Japan The Girls)

Motohashi Meika (本橋明桜) is a Japanese model. She is currently participating on the survival show  Produce 101 Japan The Girls


Stage Name: Meika (めいか)
Birth Name: Motohashi Meika (本橋明桜)
Birthday: August 24, 2006
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 154 cm (5’0’’)
Blood Type:

Instagram: m_meimei08 (private)
Twitter: m_meimei08 (deactivated)
Mixchannel: 17016943 (inactive)

Motohashi Meika Facts:
– Her nickname is Mei Mei
– Her favorite song is Roller Coaster by NMIXX
– She was a finalist in the 2022 High School Girl MissCon as the Kanto Area Representative
– She is a huge fan of Kep1er, she mentioned Hikaru and the group in a speech about her dreams of becoming an idol [source]
– You can see her appear in the MissCon 2022 Youtube 
– She prefers dogs over cats
– She was a model for TGC Teen 2022 Osaka
– Her specialties are hula hooping and her flexible wrists


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