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Moving Episodes 18 to 20 Recap and Review: Epic Final Battle Ends Victoriously!


Moving Episodes 18 to 20 Recap and Review: Directed by Park In-je and written by Kang Full, who also wrote the webcomic on which the series is based, Moving is a sci-fi mystery action-thriller Korean drama series starring Lee Jung-ha, Kim Do-hoon, Ko Yoon-jung, Han Hyo-joo, Ryu Seung-ryong, Zo In-sung and Kwak Sun-young in lead roles. The 20-part series released 7 episodes on August 9, 2023, each with 50-60 minutes runtime. Every Wednesday, the show will air two episodes and wrap the series with three episodes on September 20, 2023.

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The sci-fi drama (무빙) follows three students, Kim Bong-seok, Jang Hee-soo and Lee Gang-hoon, who have special powers that they must keep hidden from the outside world. The special powers, which include that of flight (Bong-seok), academic brilliance & regenerative healing (Hee-soo) and uncanny power & speed (Gang-hoon), passed down from their parents can and might be used by unsavoury individuals. As the students try to navigate teenage and the pressures of school while juggling with their powers, the parents try their best to keep their children safe away from prying eyes.

Lee Jung-ha was last seen in 2021’s Nevertheless, Do-hoon’s last venture was 2022’s The Law Cafe, and Yoon-jung was last seen in 2022’s Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow and Alchemy of Souls.

– Moving Episodes 16 and 17 Review Contains Spoilers –

Moving Episodes 18 to 20 Recap

Moving Episode 18 picks up from the school scene where the North Koreans are seen fighting off with South Korean superhumans. Mi-hyun saves Kisoo and the homeroom teacher, Il-hwan from the North Korean superhuman by killing him. When the North Korean military officer, Deok-yoon goes around the school to check his fellow North Koreans’ state, he comes across Kisoo and another student hiding. He lets them go as soon as he understands they’re not superkids.

He finds the dead corpses of his fellow North Koreans and bids them farewell. Back at the gym, Bong-seok and Hee-soo fight off the North Korean, Dong-geun. Just then, Deok-yoon calls Dong-geun to school and he somehow leaves. Bong-seok also flies to the school after hearing about his mother. When Mi-hyun meets Deok-yoon, she hears a backstory of Doo-sik.

The viewers learn that Doo-sik didn’t kill the North Korean president. But due to him, the North Korean officers were executed. Holding on to this wrath, when Doo-sik returned for another job, he was caught by the North Koreans who were also training superhumans under the order. Back in the present, a fight breaks out, and Mi-hyun escapes narrowly.

Moving Episodes 18 to 20 Review Still 3
A still from the series “Moving”

In Moving Episode 19, Jae-man reaches the school on time and saves Gang-hoon from the North Koreans. He beats them all to a pulp but just then another North Korean superhuman, Jae-seok comes in. Through his flashback, viewers learn that due to staying inside a dark area for years, he has developed the power of sending huge soundwaves through his clap that tend to break walls and any rigid stuff. Jae-man and Ju-won join hands to wipe him off. Additionally, the other North Korean superhuman Kwang-jae (the one with regeneration power) tries to battle Ju-won and Jae-man.

Jae-seok gives his own life to save Kwang-jae as he is his only friend. Before passing away, Jae-seok asks Kwang-jae to live a normal life. Kwang-jae walks away from the fight and encounters Hee-soo who is on her way to the school. When she finds Kwang-jae crying she comforts him just like how her mother Ji-hee comforted Ju-won. At the school, Jae-man leaves with Gang-hoon, Kisoo, and the other students safely after saving him.

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Previously, when Gye-do spotted Hee-soo, he also decided to drive to the school. Thankfully, he uses his electric power to save Bong-seok from the hands of Dong-geun. At the terrace, Ju-won and Mi-hyun try to encounter Deok-yeon but he purposely jumps down thinking about all the lives he had to kill in order to bring forth superhumans. Before dying, Deok-yoon asks Dong-geun to escape and the latter does just that.

Moving Episodes 18 to 20 Review Still 2
A still from the series “Moving”

Fortunately, all of the superhumans and their kids save themselves and get rid of the North Koreans (except Kwang-jae). Time skip, the graduation day arrives. Every student prepares for their graduation but Bong-seok seems to be missing. We later learn that he has decided to live a superhero life by saving people in danger anonymously. Kwang-jae works with Ju-won at the chicken shop and finds happiness with them.

Back in North Korea, Dong-geun takes the place of the late Deok-yoon and kills off the general who was the reason behind all the innocent lives lost. Dong-geun releases Doo-sik from prison and tells him about his son’s life at stake. Doo-sik returns to South Korea and kills Rae-hyuk and CEO Min. Before this, a mysterious woman enters the national agency and Mr. Min is seen bowing to her (not many details are given about her).

Finally, Doo-sik returns (in Moving Episode 20) to his family and they share a hug. Ju-won remembers Ji-hee and feels content as he has fulfilled the happy ending promise. In the post-credit scene, we see Ma Sang-gu, one of Mr. Min’s important figures take charge of the National Intelligence hinting at season 2 since Gang-hoon has officially joined the intelligence as well. Moreover, as the episode ends, assassin Frank is shown alive and apparently, another superhuman, Elias is also being called by the American CIA.

Moving Episodes 18 to 20 Review Still 5
A still from the series “Moving”

Moving Episodes 18 to 20 Review

The finale didn’t fail to amaze. Though Doo-sik didn’t join in the final battle, the happy reunion completed the story. Every superhuman and their kids finally ended the war and they also understood that the problem was with the officials and not among the South and North Koreans. Bong-seok and Hee-soo confessed their feelings to each other and though they’re on their unique paths, they are sure to give off the same vibe as their parents.

The fight scenes, the camera angles, and the new superhuman characters made the series extremely unique. It felt like a South Korean version of Marvel. Making Ju-won and Kwang-jae join hands together is one of the sweetest plot twists and it adds warmth to the series. Overall Moving Finale gives the best cinematic experience with enough action, adventure, and romance. Additionally, the ending hints strongly at Season 2 because there are some new characters coming. Surely, it’s going to be another heck of a journey.

Moving Episodes 18 to 20 Review Still 2
A still from the series “Moving”

Moving is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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