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Moving Season 2: Is the Post Credit Scene Hinting at Another Battle?

Moving Season 2: Directed by Park In-je and written by Kang Full, who also wrote the webcomic on which the series is based, Moving is a sci-fi mystery action-thriller Korean drama series starring Lee Jung-ha, Kim Do-hoon, Ko Yoon-jung, Han Hyo-joo, Ryu Seung-ryong, Zo In-sung and Kwak Sun-young in lead roles. The 20-part series released 7 episodes on August 9, 2023, each with 50-60 minutes runtime. Every Wednesday, the show will air two episodes and wrap the series with three episodes on September 20, 2023.

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The sci-fi drama (무빙) follows three students, Kim Bong-seok, Jang Hee-soo and Lee Gang-hoon, who have special powers that they must keep hidden from the outside world. The special powers, which include that of flight (Bong-seok), academic brilliance & regenerative healing (Hee-soo) and uncanny power & speed (Gang-hoon), passed down from their parents can and might be used by unsavoury individuals. As the students try to navigate teenage and the pressures of school while juggling with their powers, the parents try their best to keep their children safe away from prying eyes.

Lee Jung-ha was last seen in 2021’s Nevertheless, Do-hoon’s last venture was 2022’s The Law Cafe, and Yoon-jung was last seen in 2022’s Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow and Alchemy of Souls.

Moving Season 1 Recap

An assassin named Frank comes to South Korea to wipe off superhumans who once worked for the South Korean National Intelligence. Before he can get to Ju-won and Mi-hyun, the two remaining adult superhumans, Ju-won kills him and also learns that the North Korean government is coming for the superhumans’ kids. Then we see Bong-seok, Hee-soo, and Gang-hoon, three children with superpowers derived from their parents.

Moving Season 2 Still 4
A still from the series “Moving”

Bong-seok is the son of Mi-hyun and Doo-sik, former black op agents. However, Mi-hyun decided to live peacefully with her son after her husband was arrested and never seen. She still hopes that Doo-sik will come one day. On the other hand, Ju-won works at his fried chicken shop and takes care of his daughter Hee-soo.

In a flashback story, we learn how Doo-sik was sent to North Korea which started all the troubles. In Ju-won’s life, when everything seemed to be going better, his wife Ji-hee dies in a car accident. Previously, we also see how Ju-won joined the government and how he fell in love with Ji-hee.

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In the present day, when North Korean infiltrators come to get the training file, a huge battle breaks out in the school. Mi-hyun and Ju-won who surprisingly are at school start to fight the North Korean superheroes. Meanwhile, Bong-seok and Hee-soo get attacked at the gym and they both join hands to successfully save themselves.

Moving Season 2 Still 3
A still from the series “Moving”

At school, Gang-hoon gets brutally beaten up but his father Jae-man comes in and handles the bad guys. Unlike Mi-hyun and Ju-won, Jae-man wasn’t a part of the intelligence due to his low IQ level. However, he is extremely strong and fast. During the last fight, Gye-do, the son of the late superhuman with electric power, uses his derived power to save Bong-seok from the North Korean infiltrator, Dong-geun.

Deok-yoon, the leader of the troupe kills himself as he doesn’t want to die at the hands of Mi-hyun and Ju-won. All the parents and the kids get rid of their obstacles and find hay. When graduation day comes, the viewers learn that Bong-seok has started his journey as an anonymous superhero.

Meanwhile back in North Korea, Dong-geun kills the general who was the main reason behind all innocent lives lost. He also releases Doo-sik from prison and hints about Mr. Min. Doo-sik returns to Korea and kills Raehyuk and Min. He then happily joins his family. Ju-won takes in a North Korean superhuman Kwang-jae who apparently is a nice person similar to Ju-won. He finds a new life with Ju-won and Hee-soo. Gang-hoon joins the South Korean National Intelligence and helps clear his father’s criminal records.

Moving Season 2 Still 2
A still from the series “Moving”

Is Moving Season 2 Coming?

There’s a big chance of Moving season 2 because of the post-credit scene that hinted at the next villains. When Gang-hoon joins the South Korean Intelligence, he sees a young woman entering Min’s cabin. The young woman is shown authoritatively questioning Mr. Min and full details about her aren’t shown. Perhaps in the next season, she’ll become a major reason behind the next battle.

Additionally, after Min is killed, Ma-gu takes his place and starts running the intelligence. Ma-gu is Doo-sik’s greatest enemy and of course, he won’t let them slide this time. Moroever, the American CIA calls in another super agent, Elias to South Korea. Most importantly, the assassin, Frank is shown alive and his mission isn’t over yet. This time the fight will be much bigger and insane.

Since we’ve only seen the adult superhumans’ lives thoroughly, season 2 will definitely showcase the young superhumans’ potential and another big battle. Though no official statement has been released regarding a new season, the possibilities are high. So keep the hopes up!

Moving Season 2 Still 1
A still from the series “Moving”

Moving is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Let us know your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.

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