My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Needs To Stop Controlling Her Father Glenn


  • Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life are growing frustrated with Whitney’s controlling behavior towards her father, Glenn. She snaps at him and treats him poorly, which many viewers believe he doesn’t deserve.
  • Whitney’s controlling behavior is likely a result of her grief over the loss of her mother. She is struggling to cope with the changes and is projecting her emotions onto her relationship with her father.
  • Glenn and Whitney’s relationship has changed significantly since the passing of Babs. Whitney’s personality is coming out in full force, and Glenn is becoming fed up with her overbearing behavior, especially with the absence of his buffer, Babs.



My Big Fat Fabulous Life has been exploring the relationship between Whitney Way Thore and her father, Glenn Thore, but many are having trouble watching Whitney’s controlling behavior take over. As one of the longest-running series on the network, MBFFL season 11 has been exploring new dynamics in the Thore family after the tragic passing of Babs Thore. While Whitney, Glenn, and the rest of the family are still mourning the loss of their matriarch, she has been taking on more responsibility when caring for Glenn. Though he’s still capable, Whitney has struggled to let go regarding Glenn’s independence.

In recent episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 11, fans have noticed Whitney’s controlling behavior more than ever. According to Reddit user u/Maubekistan, “Five minutes into the first scene and [Whitney’s] rolling her eyes, snapping at him, and talking to him like he’s a moron…WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? Glenn does not deserve to be treated like that.” While Whitney is disguising her sense of control as a form of care, it’s clear that it’s stemming from her grief over her mother. As another Reddit user, u/dearcsona explains, “I think she’s in crisis trying to cope with all the life-altering changes and grief she’s incurred recently.”

Whitney & Glenn’s Relationship Dynamic Explained

My Big Fat Fabulous Life_ Glenn Thore Montage

While Whitney and Glenn have always had an exciting relationship, things have changed tremendously since Babs’ passing. Whitney’s mother passed unexpectedly, so the entire family has been coping with and coming to terms with the loss at their speed. For Whitney and Glenn, figuring out where their relationship stands has been challenging. According to u/Choosepeace, “It’s so obvious he’s getting fed up, finally! It’s a combo of Babs being gone…[and the] contrast of his overbearing, spoiled brat.” Whitney, who used to have a buffer in her mother, has been revealing her entire personality to her father and getting some friction from him regarding how she’s pushing him.

Though Whitney and Glenn still have a loving relationship, things have changed in more ways than one. In recent episodes of MBFFL, it has been revealed that Glenn has an adult child from a previous relationship that he kept a secret from his family for decades. While Glenn chose not to tell his family about his first child, Jackie, the woman whom Glenn had been with as a young man, had put their daughter up for adoption while Glenn was deployed in Japan. He never had the opportunity to meet her. Still, the tension from the secret being kept from Whitney has lingered in their interactions.

As MBFFL fans continue to watch Whitney interact with her father, they’re becoming more impatient with how she speaks to the man who raised her. Though Whitney loves her dad, it’s clear that her respect level for him has changed. The way she tries to control Glenn is inappropriate and consistently irritates her father, as many can see from his attitude towards her on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Though Glenn may have made some mistakes, the whole family is still reeling from Babs’ death, and, ultimately, Whitney should choose to give her father grace.

Source: u/Maubekistan/Reddit


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