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‘My sister planted cameras in my room to take videos of me and my girlfriend’ Reddit post infuriates users


A scandalous post on Reddit titled ‘My sister planted cameras in my room to take videos of me and my girlfriend’ has enraged users.

Reddit stories are nothing short of a soap opera and the AITA (Am I the a******) posts are especially popular for bringing to us some of the most shocking stories narrating interpersonal relationships. We have seen stories that have raised alarms about major red flags and warned us of gaslighting and manipulation. But, the story about a “weird” sister’s questionable feelings for her brother has disgusted the users, to say the least!

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OP says ‘My sister planted cameras in my room to take videos of me and my girlfriend’

The OP has a 15-year-old sister whom he describes as “weird” because she likes to hurt frogs and eat worms. The little sister is very intrusive and made it a habit to disturb her brother and his girlfriend whenever they locked themselves in the bedroom for privacy.

The OP says his sister and everybody in the house knew he and his girlfriend would get intimate in his bedroom, hence they always kept the door locked. However, the Reddit user’s sister would still manage to ruin their special moment by blowing his phone up.

The OP thought his sister was simply eccentric until he caught her sneaking into his bedroom and accessing his wardrobe to place something in it. By now, she had stopped banging on the door each time he and his girlfriend got intimate, which made the OP suspicious of his sister’s actions.

After his sister left the room, when he looked inside his wardrobe, he found a camera planted well enough to record him and his girlfriend when they were in bed. The OP was taken aback by his little sister’s actions but realized confronting her would result in her lying her way out of it.

So the OP thinks of a plan to put an end to the menace for good!

Reddit user is traumatized by his sibling’s behavior

The OP staged a plan to catch his sister red-handed, so he informed her his girlfriend was coming over. The sister soon excused herself to the washroom, only to secretly plant the camera in her brother’s room, yet again!

The OP gets all of this on his camera and also the pre-recorded footage of him and his girlfriend from his sister’s camera. He and his girlfriend confront his sister with all the proof and agree to let her go with a warning if she deletes the videos she captured of them secretly all along.

The sister deletes the footage and the brother assumes it was settled until one day he woke up to being touched inappropriately by his own sibling in the middle of the night. She confesses to having developed feelings for her brother.

The OP couldn’t believe his sister’s action and he didn’t have a choice but to bring it up with his parents, resulting in her getting kicked out of the house. She gets sent away to live with their grandparents while the appropriate behavior continues.

The Reddit user thought his worst nightmare had come to an end with his sister moving out of the house until one day his sister decided to send explicit visuals of herself from her grandmother’s cell phone.

Fellow users are disgusted

Reddit users are left dumbfounded by the little sister’s highly inappropriate feelings for her brother.

One wrote: “This is atrocious.”

“This is the craziest Reddit story I’ve ever heard. I want to puke,” said another.

A third user wrote: “The OP’s sister seriously needs help! This is unacceptable.”

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