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NBC Nightly News accidentally captures white ‘UFO’ bursting through clouds


Aliens are all the rage at the moment, and now people are revisiting NBC Nightly News capturing a ‘UFO’ bursting through clouds from several years ago.

Conspiracy theorists and alien believers had a field day recently after a Mexican journalist claimed two artefacts he was in possession of were evidence of “non-human” life. UFO sightings have been a regular occurrence over the past few decades, particularly in the USA, and now another has come to light.

UFOs flying over winter landscape (via Getty)
UFOs flying over winter landscape. 3D generated image (via Getty)

NBC Nightly News appears to catch UFO on camera

The Southwestern part of the US is a hotbed for alleged alien activity, with the likes of Roswell and Area 51 infamous for their UFO sightings.

Apparently, one was accidentally caught on camera back in 2020 by NBC Nightly News. As recently reported, the sighting occurred during Cynthia McFadden’s story about how Arizona’s Navajo Nation dealt with the state’s water crisis during the pandemic several years ago.

At one particular part of the piece there’s a pretty jarring moment as a disc-shaped object bursts through some clouds before flying across the sky.

Many argued that it was a plane, but other theorists have said a plane wouldn’t burst through the clouds the same way the unidentified object in the video does.

You can see the strange white object move through the sky at the 2:46 mark below:

CBP releases new videos of unidentified aerial phenomena

It comes after Customs and Border Patrol released ten videos along with 387 pages of reports including news clippings and firsthand accounts from sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena.

The 10 new videos were released on September 8 on the CBP’s official website under the title: “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.” UAP is the new official term for UFOs, describing any object in the atmosphere that cannot be immediately identified.

The videos were all investigated by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force (UAPTF), a government group created in 2020.

All of the clips are in black and white and show flying objects being tracked over land, presumably by the army.

10 UAPs were filmed, but some of them have more than one video, making a total of 12 new UFO clips. They can all be watched here.

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