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Netflix UK To Unveil New Trailers, Release Date & More Next Week: March 18th to 23rd

Next On Netflix Uk Announcements Coming In March 2024

Pictures: Netflix

Yesterday, Netflix UK unveiled several new titles and debuted new footage of shows and movies just around the corner to the press. Next week, Netflix UK will reveal all the footage shown to the press and more in a week-long media blitz on its social channels.

If you want a recap of all the new shows announced yesterday, we’ve got you covered with our recap, published shortly after the event concluded. Many titles not listed in our recap yesterday were also shown at the event, including first looks at Supacell, Eric, and KAOS. Thankfully, it won’t be long until you watch what was shown in London.

It comes as Netflix has been hosting events around the world showcasing its slates for 2024 and beyond. The first event began in early February 2024, with the US team revealing a slate of 50+ movies coming this year and over 90 returning and debut shows. We’ve since had reveals from Spain, France, Germany, and some Asian territories.

Next week, the Netflix UK social accounts will post up to three first looks and/or announcements about a slew of their upcoming titles in their broad slate for 2024.

Here’s what the schedule of announcements looks like for next week, including titles that weren’t included at the event last night in London:

March 18th

  • Joy: GMT 11am | ET 6am | PT 3am
  • Scoop: GMT 1pm | ET 8am | PT 5am
  • Our Living World: GMT 3pm | ET 10am | PT 7am

March 19th

  • Kaos: GMT 12pm | ET 7am | PT 4am
  • Supacell: GMT 2pm | ET 9am | PT 6am
  • 3 Body Problem: GMT 4pm | ET 11am | PT 8am

March 20th

  • That Christmas: GMT 11am | ET 6am | PT 3am
  • Heartstopper S3: GMT 1pm | ET 8am | PT 5am
  • Bridgerton S3: GMT 3pm | ET 10am | PT 7am

March 21st

  • Fatherhood with My Father: GMT 11am | ET 6am | PT 3am
  • Love is Blind UK: GMT 1pm | ET 8am | PT 5am
  • Buying London: GMT 3pm | ET 10am | PT 7am

March 22nd

  • Black Doves: GMT 11am | ET 6am | PT 3am
  • Baby Reindeer: GMT 1pm | ET 8am | PT 5am
  • Eric: GMT 3pm | ET 10am | PT 7am

March 23rd

  • The Beautiful Game: GMT 1pm | ET 8am | PT 5am
  • The Final: Attack on Wembley: GMT 3pm | ET 10am | PT 7am

What are you looking forward to seeing during Netflix’s Next on Netflix UK announcements next week? Let us know in the comments down below.


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