NYT Connections Hints and Answers for November 01 2023

Categories for Today NYT Connections November 01 2023

The four groups or topics for the New York Times Connections #143 on November 01, 2023, are:

  • Yellow: Social Media Actions

  • Green: Use A Needle And Thread

  • Blue: Shows Set In Hospital

  • Purple: Expressions Of Hesitation

Answers for Today NYT Connections November 01 2023

The solutions to the puzzles in the NYT Connections #143, which were printed on November 01, 2023, are as follows:

  • Social Media Actions – FOLLOW, LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE
  • Use A Needle And Thread – DARN, HEM, SEAM, SEW
  • Shows Set In Hospitals – ER, HOUSE, RATCHED, SCRUBS
  • Expressions Of Hesitation – ERM, UH, UM, WELL


Follow Meaning

To go or come after someone or something.

Like Meaning

To find something enjoyable or agreeable.

Share Meaning

To give a portion of something to others or distribute something.

Subscribe Meaning

To sign up or agree to receive something regularly, such as a service or content.

Darn Meaning

To mend or repair a fabric by sewing.

Hem Meaning

The edge of a piece of cloth that is folded and sewn.

Seam Meaning

The line where two pieces of fabric are sewn or joined together.

Sew Meaning

To join or repair something by stitching it with a needle and thread.

Er Meaning

A vocal filler used when hesitating or thinking.

House Meaning

A building where people live.

Ratched Meaning

It seems like a misspelling. It might refer to “Ratched,” which is a character from literature or media, known for being a nurse in the novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Scrubs Meaning

Clothing worn by medical professionals like doctors or nurses in a hospital setting.

Erm Meaning

A sound used as a hesitation or uncertainty in speech.

Uh Meaning

A vocal filler used when pausing or hesitating.

Um Meaning

A vocal filler used when pausing, thinking, or hesitating in speech.

Well Meaning

An introductory word used to mark the beginning of a statement or reply.

What is NYT Connections Game?

Connections is a word game played in The New York Times. In this game, you get 16 words, and your job is to sort them into four groups based on things they have in common. The groups can be about anything, like book titles, computer programs, or names of countries.

Where to play NYT Connections Game?

If you want to play Connections on the internet, go to or the New York Times Game Hub.

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