Oldies but Goodies – 5 Games That We Still Love to Play

As players, we yearn for the warm and fuzzy feeling associated with the oldies but goodies. That nostalgia is like a giant magnet, drawing us ever closer to the memories of the past. Fortunately, there are some fantastic games from yesteryear. Depending on your preferences, top titles like Street Fighter, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Hit It Rich Slots, Tetris, and other thrilling attractions abound. 

The pulse-pounding energy of old-school games is tough to resist. We feel compelled to revisit these titles despite the dramatic advances of modern-day games. The oldies have a certain allure – a simplicity of purpose, design, and gameplay. Today, we are taking you back to the good old days. Here are five fascinating games that remain popular with players today. Step over the threshold into an era of memorable games and plenty of fanfare!

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Released by Zynga – the free social casino games platform – Hit It Rich! Slots are a worldwide phenomenon. A classic collection of slots games, this series has been entertaining players for eons. A variety of iconic games is included in this series, notable among them Elvira™, Slingo™, The Price is Right™, Mustang Money™ and Wizard of Oz™. 

All of these memorable titles certainly evoke strong emotional responses from players. The nostalgia of Hit It Rich! slots games is alive and well with social casino players the world over. This throwback attraction understands modern day desires, with a series of signup and free daily bonuses, VIP membership benefits, contests, rewards, and other benefits.

#4 Donkey Kong

Who would have thought a King Kong-style monochrome ape would remain hugely popular in 2024? Donkey Kong is arguably the most recognisable throwback game from the golden era of arcade gaming. It is deeply embedded in our cultural zeitgeist. Memorable, exciting, and action-packed, Donkey Kong was released in 1981 and has been going strong ever since. 

An 80s phenomenon, Donkey Kong was unleashed by the Japanese company Nintendo. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Donkey Kong’s popularity went global as the rampaging ape tossed barrels down platforms on single-screen or dual-screen devices. Praised as one of the most challenging games of its time, it spawned the platform gaming genre. And, owing to programming errors, the game never ends!

#3 Tetris

Tetris is another classic video game. Created by a Russian gentleman named Alexey Pajitnov in 1985, this game also went global on every computer system in the world. Now a classic, Tetris allows players to shape-shift blocks as they fall into place on the bottom of the screen. The objective is to complete an entire screen without any gaps and move on to higher levels of play. 

Every rendition of the game is identical – players use in-game mechanics to shape different blocks that fall into place at varying speeds. It even featured on the Nintendo Game Boy, where it hit superstardom status. Temple University said the 1984 game release sold 70 million physical copies and 425 million+ digital downloads.

#2 Pac Man

Also from the 80s, Pac Man is a global sensation. It was originally known as Puck-Man, owing to the sound made by the little critters on screen. Released in Japan in May 1980, Pac-Man needs no introduction to arcade gaming audiences. This game became a worldwide success, courtesy of rousing sequels, extraordinary marketing, fabulous merchandising efforts, and plenty of TV shows and commercials. 

Few people recall that this game was also the star of a billboard sensation – Pac Man Fever – it sold 1.2M copies by the end of 1982. Almost 10 years ago, total global revenue from Pac Man hit $14 billion, and tens of millions of units of the game have already been sold. But for the oldies but goodies generation, the retro resurgence of this game has been phenomenal!

#1 Street Fighter 

Purists from the oldies but goodies generation tend to argue about who gets the top three places, but Street Fighter routinely weighs in on many people’s lists. This fighting game by Capcom is a worldwide sensation. Dozens of title releases exist, but it’s the arcade games which will really catapulted Street Fighter into superstardom. An estimated 500,000 coin-operated hardware units were sold in the original arcade game version, and 320,000 units of Street Fighter II made there way to market. 

But it’s the home video games that dominated across-the-board. Some 50 million software units were purchased and the franchise has grossed $14 billion in revenue today it is the #1 highest grossing combat game franchise, and certainly Capcom’s number one sensation. As far as fighting games go – and a string of movies (remember Jean-Claude Van Damme?), it’s a knockout!


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