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Pacitan Viral Dihutan

Pacitan-a little town, and a gold mine, hidden in East Java region.

Tucked away amidst the stunning southern portion of Java Island, Pacitan is a city that still remains untouched by the hustle of machine and keeps the natural picturesque beauty as well as the cultural richness of the yesteryears.

Famous for its breath-taking coastlines, fascinating caves, and vivid local tradition, Pacatin will leave behind an everlasting and unforgettable traveling experience to those who are looking for a path to some less popular destination.

Introduction to Pacitan

A few kilometers inland from the east of Java, hidden amidst the luscious forests of Pancita, you will find a tiny town coaxing visitors looking for a perfect combination of quiet and fun.

From the moment you come through those doors whether it is the stunning wrath of this regal mansion or its mesmerizing beauty that will get you then and there.

Pacitan Viral Dihutan

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Location and Geography

Dotted with breathtaking beaches and lush vegetation, the city of Pacitan on the southern coast of Java is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and the thirsty of adventure.

Boundary by the Indian Ocean to the south and interlocked with the region like Ponorogo and Trenggalek, pacitan possesses a landscape which offering different veiw that is combined by the beautiful sea, green forest and green rice field.

Reasons to Visit Pacitan

Whether is set out for the purpose you are after, be it somewhere tranquil, adventurous or a cultural hub, you will find what you need to make your trip worthwhile.

Dive into the quietness of the isolation of its remote beaches, lead outrageous adventures, or get to know the intricate matrix of Javanese tribes through their traditional cuisine and celebrations with colour.

Pacitan Viral Dihutan

Ideal Time to Visit

Although Pacitan may be visited throughout the year, the session from May to September invariably offers excellent weather that is perfect for leisurely pursuits of outdoor activities and sightseeing.

While the rainy season lasts from October to April, the beauty of the place presents itself always, even it can come with some temporary rains or higher humidity.

Top Attractions in Pacitan

Beside Pacitan’s splendor, Gua Gong or Gong Cave stands in particular which is one of Southeast Asia’s most breathtaking natural wonders.

Walk through the maze of it’s spacious rooms decorated with amazing stalactites and stalgmites, feeling the wonder and majesty of this wonderful part of the underground.

Sun-seekers will be thrilled as Pacitan is a paradise with many beautiful stretches of unspoiled beaches, each showcasing what’s special about it.

From the stunning scenery of a sandy beach of Watu Karung to the peaceful waters of Srau Beach everything you’d ever want to sunbathe, and to let yourself feel the waves and the sea at your fingertips can be found here.

Local Cuisine

It would be a shame not to try a bit of traditional Javanese cuisine to go along with the tour of Pacitan.

Would your taste buds like to try Nasi Pecel, Sate Ayam, and Soto Ayam, reportedly the representation of our cultural heritage? Give it a shot and you will have the benefits of this as well.

Pacitan Viral Dihutan


While it is not the main transport hub, Pacitan is well connected to other cities such as Yogyakarta, Solo, and Surabaya, through various transports and, as a result, can be easily accessible to those who wish to visit it.

Be it by road or air travel option, reaching Pacitan is no biggie and that saves you the headache on how to get there in advance. Thus, walking into Pacitan to start your adventure is fun.


If you look closely, Pacitan is certainly one of a kind, it has the natural enchantments that can only be found here in this land, the cultural fiestas that can only be traced back to its roots in this locality, and the warmness that you can only feel here.

As a tourist, you can choose Pacitan as your cozy place if you would like to relish ecstasy, feel thrill, or look for a way to reestablish your connection with the nature.

So why wait? The most perfect time to plan a travel to Pacitan starts now, and the magic will follow

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