PAiDA Profile and Facts (Updated!)

PAiDA Profile and Facts

PAiDA is a J-Pop kaigai idol based in Houston, Texas, USA. She debuted with “.first contact.” on May 14, 2021.

Stage Name: PAiDA (パイダ)
Birthday: February 22 (real), March 14 (lore-wise)
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Blood Type:

Ko-Fi: PAiDA
Patreon: PAiDA
Bandcamp: PAiDA
Twitter: gingagirlpaida
Instagram: galaxygirlpaida.official
TikTok: galaxygirlpaida
Facebook: GingaGirlPaida
YouTube: PAiDA
NicoNico: ☆パイだ★
SoundCloud: PAiDA☆パイダ

PAiDA Facts:
– She is also known as Galaxy Girl Paida or GGPaida.
– Her image colour is purple.
– She is the co-founder of International Idol Network.
– Her call-and-response is “What’s an alien’s favorite dessert? It’s pie, duh!”.
– This is a pun, as “pie, duh!” sounds like PAiDA. This pun actually works in both English and Japanese; with it being “パイだ”. “だ” is the casual form of “desu”, meaning “to be”.
– She has performed over 35 live shows, and has performed in Japan more than 5 times.
– She released the music video for her song “Future☆​★Town“ on June 17, 2023.
– She has collaborated with Jemimemu (known as Pure Smile at the time) for the song “愛 a la mode“, which is the opening for the Shoujo Sundae podcast.
– Two medias that touched her were 5 Centimeters Per Second and Earth Girl Arjuna.
– She has done a variety of interviews/articles over the years, such as two with Team Lift (one and two), one with Overseas Idol Collection, one with Voyage Houston, one with ShckValue and one with Midland Reporter-Telegram.
– Her birthday coincides with Pi Day thus making it “PAiDA Day”.
– PAiDA is a 427-year-old, pie-obsessed alien, originating from Space City, Texas, and is set on enslaving the human race.
– Her favorite color is green.
– A couple restaurants she recommends visiting in Texas, USA, are Ramen Tatsu-Ya, Tiger’s Den, JINYA Ramen Bar, and Neil’s Bahr.
– She makes her own performance outfits.
– While she was in Japan, PAiDA participated in an idol audition held on the app MySta that formed the girl group PATI PATI CANDY…☆.  She ended up in 5th place after the first screening, and in 6th after the second. However, she made it to the finals, but not the actual group. She couldn’t participate anymore due to tension of the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, so she couldn’t advance.
– Before creating original content, she often covered J-Pop songs, as well as some R&B songs.
– She has collaborated with Julily.
– The producer of KOTO and femme fataleSasaki Kissa, had agreed to work on a song with PAiDA. The donations on her Ko-Fi for the project reached 132%.
– She is fluent in Japanese.
– PAiDA is the one who coined the “kaigai idol” term.
– Her favorite part of getting ready for her show is her hair.
– She used to work for a dance costume company.
– PAiDA’s musical inspirations are Lizzo, Rina Sawayama, Remi Wolf, KOTO, and femme fatale.
– She gets her stylistic inspiration from DADARAY, Frederic (the band), and Michael Jackson.

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