Peep Show: Who Was Mark’s “One”?


  • Mark Corrigan had a habit of declaring women “The One” too quickly, leading to self-sabotage and ruined relationships.
  • Some of Mark’s potential partners, like Big Suze and Cally, were better suited to him than others.
  • Despite his failed relationships, Mark’s true soulmate was his friend Jez, as they balanced each other out and provided support in difficult moments.



Mark Corrigan was always on the hunt for “The One,” someone to spend his life with over the run of Peep Show, but it was clear he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted. Despite having several romantic partners during the show’s run, Mark found a way to ruin each relationship. However, he was better suited to some of his other halves than he was to others.

His internal monologue was always declaring women “The One,” sometimes within minutes of being in their company. It was always a struggle for Mark to resist endless acts of self-sabotage and allow himself to be happy, but there was likely one among the group he could have settled down with. Besides, some of Peep Show‘s best episodes were when he shot himself in the foot romantically.

7 Big Suze, Jeremy’s Ex

She Didn’t Know How He Felt

Big Suze in Peep Show

In Peep Show season 3, episode 4, Mark started spending some time with Big Suze on a one-on-one basis. Realizing their similarities, Mark started to develop feelings for her. In fact, in true Mark Corrigan fashion, he jumped straight to toying with the L-word. Jez noticed what was going on and objected, despite dating Mark’s sister at the time.

When Mark was comforting Suze later in the episode, Jez walked in and outed Mark, telling her that Mark was in love with her. When Suze asked Mark if Jez was telling the truth, she looked concerned rather than hopeful. Paired with the fact that she had recently referred to Mark as a “modern-day eunuch,” it was unlikely that Suze saw Mark in a romantic light. Therefore, Suze being Mark’s soulmate probably wasn’t on the cards.

6 Cally, Jeremy’s Manager

Mark Met His Match When It Came To His Controlling Nature

Cally in bed in Peep Show

Cally entered the show in one of Peep Show‘s most underrated episodes, as the manager of Jez and Super Hans’ band. Mark’s first interaction comprised of them bonding over their preferences regarding orange juice and peanut butter. For most people, this would be just polite conversation, but for people like Mark and Cally, the delivery was certainly tinged with a flirtatious energy from both parties.

Their shared culinary ethos paired with Cally’s open disparaging of Jez, despite him being present, all combined to bring about Mark’s signature and premature decision that she was “The One.” Although Cally was originally involved with Jez, the pair were mismatched and the encounter led her to find a kindred spirit in Mark.

Despite Mark often relishing being the one in the driver’s seat, he relinquishes control to Cally, who was considerably more domineering and blunt than even Mark. Within days of the two meeting, Cally led Mark through a date and gave him step-by-step instructions during their lone sexual encounter. If it weren’t for Jez’s reckless retaliation for Cally kicking him out of the band, Cally may have eventually walked her and Mark into married life.

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5 Stephanie, Mark’s Potential Business Partner

Mark Had To Make A Decision

While taking an evening class, Mark encountered Stephanie and fell under her spell. From their shared passion for business to their mutual understanding of dishwasher etiquette, the two seemed to have a genuine connection. Their instant chemistry led Stephanie to invite Mark to her house for dinner to brainstorm business ideas, where Mark started to consider how far he should take things, despite already being in a relationship with Dobby.

Despite the evening starting to develop into an unmistakably romantic encounter, Mark’s conscience got the better of him, and he left Stephanie without telling her where she was going. If Mark and Stephanie had met at another time in their lives, their undeniable rapport would likely have developed into a fulfilling relationship for them both.

4 Sophie Chapman, Mark’s First Love Interest

Sophie And Mark Hit All The Traditional Milestones

Mark and Sophie's wedding in Peep Show

Mark and Sophie’s relationship may have taken place on an intermittent basis, but at some stage, they ticked all the boxes when it came to what Mark was looking for. Their interactions in the first season held great promise for their future, with the two of them leaving each other cute notes and engaging in other office romance clichés.

Unfortunately, all the milestones Mark and Sophie hit happened almost incidentally and against Mark’s wishes. For instance, when he decided not to propose to Sophie, she still found the ring and assumed a wedding was on the cards. The wedding in question was a disaster, with Mark even proposing to a stranger on the day to avoid marrying Sophie.

Their son was also conceived following the inevitable divorce. If the offer of Nana’s Cottage from Sophie’s parents as a wedding present were taken into account, there was a possibility for Mark to have a life with his wife and child in a countryside property. It may have been what he wanted, but she wasn’t who he wanted it with.

Sophie was played by Oscar award winner Olivia Colman.

3 Dobby, Mark’s Fellow Outsider

The Two Were Well Matched

Mark and Dobby in Peep Show

Mark found Dobby in the wake of his failed marriage to Sophie. The two of them quickly bonded due to Dobby not knowing anyone at the office and Mark being cast out by his colleagues because of what happened between him and Sophie. Things escalated quickly after their storeroom encounter and the pair went steady for a good spell.

Despite being happy together during a few stints, their relationship eventually fizzled out due to various complications, one of which was Jez also falling for Dobby. It was eventually Mark’s neuroticism that drove Dobby away, and although they did meet again on more than one occasion, their dynamic became one of a strained friendship rather than anything romantic.

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2 April, The One That Got Away

Fate Wasn’t On Their Side

April in Peep Show

Posing as a university student in season 2, Mark fell head over heels for fellow history buff, April. Things only went so far with the pair, and they parted ways without much happening, However, the connection was obvious, and the romantic attraction survived until they ran into each other again during Peep Show’s ninth season. When Mark discovered that April had a husband, Angus, Mark immediately started to look for cracks to exploit in her marriage. Although his tactics were underhanded, they were led by his intense feelings for April and a desire to be with her. Mark managed to rekindle their relationship, despite April’s marriage.

However, it ended in disaster when she discovered that Mark knew Jez had kidnapped Angus to remove him from the equation. Although there were many, this was one of Mark’s cringiest Peep Show moments. As one of Peep Show’s best side characters, it was a shame things ended so poorly between April and Mark.

1 Jez, Mark’s Only Other Half

They Were Destined To Be Alone Together

The trope of a character finding their other half implies that they need someone to complete them. For Mark and Jez, this perfectly describes what their relationship was. Despite not being a romantic entanglement, Mark and Jez each possessed traits that the other lacked. Even during Mark’s more successful connections with the women in his life, he often sought support from Jez during the more difficult moments.

Almost none of Mark’s partners seemed to make any effort to acknowledge Mark’s social issues, instead trying to mold him into the man they wanted him to be. Jez accepted Mark for who he was and equally benefited from their friendship. Both men balanced each other out in terms of varying levels of emotional maturity, work ethic, and having their heads in the clouds.

There were numerous attempts by both Mark and Jez to separate from one another, but each time their efforts were thwarted by failed relationships, broken dreams, and general day-to-day struggles. Although they were on the verge of co-dependence, the two friends were incomplete without each other, and they were the true soulmate coupling throughout every season of Peep Show.


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