Perfect Baldur’s Gate 3 Cosplay Brings Mol’s Sass To The Real World


  • Mol, a young tiefling pickpocket, may not be as important as other characters in Baldur’s Gate 3, but she still plays a role in the overall narrative.
  • A Reddit user’s Mol cosplay perfectly captures the character’s sass and attitude, earning praise from the cosplay community.
  • Mol’s minor but memorable role includes stealing from adults and even vouching for the party in Act 2 if the right choices are made.



Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled to the brim with interesting characters with varying levels of impact on the overall narrative. One character that has a surprising role in the game is Mol, a young tiefling pickpocket who can be met in the Emerald Grove in Act 1 of the game. Though not as important as key origin characters like Shadowheart or important NPCs like Nightsong, Mol, in her own right, has a part to play in the overall narrative and can be met in every act of the game if the right choices are selected.

One Reddit user took things to the next level with their Mol cosplay, perfectly recapturing the sass and attitude of the intelligent young devil. Even though Mol isn’t the most significant character in Baldur’s Gate 3 narrative, it’s certainly a great character design and deserves more attention from the cosplay community.

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Reddit User’s Realistic Mol Cosplay Looks Like It’s From The Game

Young tiefling child named Mol from Baldur's Gate 3.

Reddit user PiginaTortilla posted their amazing Mol cosplay on the BG3 subreddit, and the resemblance to the in-game character is truly uncanny. Everything from the bandanna covering Mol’s eye to the facepaint and penetrating red eye matches up with the feisty young tiefling. The cosplay was made for Anime Week Atlanta 2023, and Instagram user and cosplay enthusiast final_egirl snapped the photos.

This isn’t the user’s first rodeo, as they regularly cosplay at different conventions throughout the year. While their usual cosplay is already quite impressive, their Mol cosplay is arguably one of the closest re-creations of a BG3 character one can achieve with makeup and prosthetics. Though it is a young-adult version of the child character, it still possesses all the design elements that make the NPC so great.

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Mol Has An Interesting Part In Baldur’s Gate 3

A Minor But Memorable Role

Mol from Baldur's Gate 3 smiling with fangs.

Like many minor characters in BG3, it’s entirely possible to miss the sassy tiefling child in Act 1 of the game. Though connected with the quest “Investigate the Beach,” which tasks the party with rescuing another tiefling child named Mirkon, it’s also possible to meet Mol randomly near the entrance of the druid area after completing quests in Emerald Grove or helping Arabella. Unlike the other tiefling children, Mol is more mature, regularly stealing from the adults and re-selling the goods at a profit.

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Though she doesn’t have a major role in Baldur’s Gate 3, Mol can also be found in Act 2 at the Last Light Inn and will actually vouch for the party upon reaching the location if the right choices are made upon the first encounter. A deeper story, quests, and lore also connects her with one of the major villains in the game that leads into Act 3, making this minor NPC’s role a bit more substantial for certain playthroughs.

Source: PiginaTortilla/Reddit, final_egirl/Instagram

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