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Popular X influencer, JOY MURAYA, accused of sleeping with male X influencers as private chats leak (LOOK).


Friday, September 22, 2023 – Popular X influencer, Joy Muraya, was left with an egg on her face after a male influencer leaked private chats of her soliciting sex from him.

Joy approached the influencer in 2019 in his DM and started flirting with him.

In one of the leaked chats, Joy promises to dish out her flesh to the influencer after quarantine.

“After quarantine this pu$$y is all yours daddy,” she promises him and asks him whether he will be able to quench her sexual thirst.

The influencer leaked the private chats after he was involved in an online war with Joy.

This is not the first time that Joy has been accused of sleeping with other influencers.

See the leaked chats.

joymurraya 1695362756663
joymurraya 1695362270905
joymurraya 1695362669095
joymurraya 1695362677584
joymurraya 1695362695197

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