Queen of Divorce Episode 7 Recap and Review: Ki-joon and Jang-mi Infiltrate a Cult!

Queen of Divorce Episode 7 Recap and Review: Sa-ra gets on a peculiar case where she needs to stop a divorce from happening. Directed by Park Jin-suk, the drama stars Lee Ji-ah, Kang Ki-young, Kim Sun-young, Oh Min-suk, Lee Tae-goo, and Na Young-hee, alongside other cast members.

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The Kdrama (끝내주는 해결사) tells the story of Kim Sa-ra who was once the daughter-in-law of the biggest law firm in South Korea, however, an unfair divorce leads her to become someone who helps others facing a similar situation. Helping her in this is Dong Ki-joon who was an excellent prosecutor but has now become her business partner and advisory lawyer. They now work together to solve unfair divorce cases, but will this partnership evolve into something else?

-Queen of Divorce Episode 7 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Queen of Divorce Episode 7 Recap

Sa-ra notices Yul-seong’s arrival near Solution and doesn’t hesitate for long before pulling in Ki-joon for a fake kiss in order to create a scene in front of Yul-seong. Ki-joon is surprised by her actions while Yul-seong hurriedly goes away. Sa-ra then tells Ki-joon that she has used him just like he has been using her and doesn’t give him a chance to explain himself before moving out.

Later, she meets Yul-seong in front of her house and he tries to badmouth Ki-joon in order to get her away from him but Sa-ra doesn’t listen to him. The next day, Sa-ra finds out that Yul-seong has been bribing officials to bend the law and get his dream project started, however, she is not ready to let this happens and finds a way to meet the one person who can help her.

Party representative Kim Young-a is Sa-ra best bet to make a mess out of Yul-seong and she gets a chance to meet her through Jang-mi. However, she is soon surprised when Young-a puts forth a request to help her stop a divorce from happening. Sa-ra finds out that Young-a’s husband is trying to file for a divorce but she is against it due to their children from his previous marriage.

Queen of Divorce Episode 7 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 7 still

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She is unable to let go of the kids and wishes to stop this divorce at any cost so that she can stay with them. Sa-ra takes up the case but tries to keep Ki-joon as far away from it as possible as she is unable to trust him for the time being. She then goes to meet Young-a’s husband with Dae-ki and Kang Bom and finds out that he is part of a cult and it is the cult leader who suggested he gets a divorce.

The three are in awe of this information and cannot understand the man. Later, during a team dinner with Ki-joon, the latter surprises them by saying that he too can make things float. He then performs a stunt and makes a ring float which surprises the three and Sa-ra is finally able to calmly talk about him about matters from the other day.

Ki-joon takes her home and shows her what he has been doing this whole time, and while Yul-seong may seem like a reason for him to join Solution, his other reason is always Sa-ra. Meanwhile, Sa-ra is intrigued by his findings and is ready to be included in his plan as it is a way to bring down Yul-seong.

Queen of Divorce Episode 7 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 7 still

The next day, Hee-jin informs Yul-seong about the case Sa-ra has taken up which sparks an idea in his head as he rushes to go meet his mother and get help in planning their next step. He approaches the cult leader and convinces him to make Young-a’s divorce possible. Soon, a video of the cult leader showing his connection to Young-a sparks the internet and pulls her into a mess.

Young-a can clearly feel the effects of this video but makes sure that her image is kept clean. However, her husband’s connection to this cult can be an issue and Sa-ra makes this clear to her. But she also assures her that they will find a way out of this. This time, Ki-joon is once again targeted to be their spy and get evidence against the cult by entering the den.

Jang-mi is also pulled into the plan and the two soon make their way to the cult’s gathering. They are soon shocked by the happenings inside the place and soon, Ki-joon sneakily finds the evidence that can help in stopping the divorce. Sa-ra presents this to Young-a’s husband and tells him that she will make sure that this video becomes a hit on the internet along with his company which is soon going to go public.

Queen of Divorce Episode 7 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 7 still

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With no way left to go, he tries to talk to the cult leader regarding this and the latter understands that it is in his interest to stop going along with Yul-seong’s plan. He then gives an interview and clearly states that Young-a is not part of his cult which clears the air for the politician.

Queen of Divorce Episode 7 Ending

Meanwhile, Ki-joon makes his way to Professor Seo’s family and is finally able to convince Professor Seo’s wife to help him get his phone from Chayul Lae Firm. The next day, Ki-joon finally gets the phone and rushes to Dae-ki to help him find the deleted information which is essential evidence.

Dae-ki succeeds in retrieving the data following which Ki-joon and Sa-ra find out what really happened on the day Professor Seo jumped from his office. On the day of the incident, Professor Seo tried to pull out his investment from the Five Member Society but having found out his plan to come clear in front of the prosecutors, Yul-seong threatened to leak a video of him to his family.

Yul-seong then gave him the choice to either run away or to die and that is how Professor Seo made up his mind to jump from Ki-joon’s office. With the evidence finally in his hand, Ki-joon hands it over to his trusted friend at the prosecutors’ office, unaware that his friend destroys the evidence soon after as he is working for Yul-seong.

Later, Ki-joon arrives home to find everything in a mess and rushes to see if Sa-ra is alright. But when she doesn’t pick up the call he asks Kang Bom for her exact address and rushes to her house. Sa-ra soon arrives home to see someone rushing out but is soon shocked when she finds Ki-joon lying at her house, bloodied and unconscious.

Queen of Divorce Episode 7 Review
Queen of Divorce Episode 7 still

Queen of Divorce Episode 7 Review

The second half of the drama has finally begun and a newfound thrill has emerged with the way Yul-seong is finding ways to get out of trouble, even when the evidence is in Sa-ra and Ki-joon’s hands. Meanwhile, the Sa-Ki couple is surely bringing forth a slow romance which is exciting yet annoying as we want them to move forward.

On the other hand, Sa-ra’s idea of solving cases in unethical ways is surely lacking some excitement and adventure as it is surely not holding up to the mark. There is something missing when it comes to the law and thrill side of the drama and we hope to see something better in the upcoming episodes.

Altogether, the episode has brought forth a mix of emotions but is surely doing well in the comic aspect.

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