Questionable ‘UFO’ shot down in Montana rumor debunked by TikTok users


A video on TikTok claims to show a ‘UFO’ allegedly shot down in Montana, and users are convinced it isn’t real.

Ever since ufologists from different countries started to publicly present their findings and question the possibility of life beyond Earth in the form of an “alien“, reports about alleged UFO sightings have become very common. Some of them are convincing – such as the pyramid object spotted in Egypt, but a few others are brushed off as rumors. TikTok users think the report about an unidentified object in Montana is also a hoax.

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Questionable ‘UFO shot down in Montana’ rumor surfaces on TikTok

The video of an alleged UFO in Montana first swirled on TikTok a couple of months ago. The caption claims an unidentified object was shot down in Montana.

The video depicts an object descending from the sky with its path marked by a trail of thick smoke. The object appears to be spiraling as it goes down at an extremely slow pace.

The footage is captured from a moving vehicle, but the source of its origin is not known. The alleged sighting has only been posted to one TikTok account dedicated to reports and rumors surrounding aerial phenomena.

Moreover, such an occurrence wasn’t reported or addressed in the media, which makes the claims further suspicious.

Users are convinced the sighting is fake

Perhaps, social media users are exposed to one too many alleged UFO sightings to be able to tell the real and fake ones apart. Most TikTok users were quick to call the above rumor a bluff.

“Shot down another high school science project,” said one.

A second user wrote: “Seen too many like this. Unless they share a close-up picture I think it’s just the sky smoking.”

A third TikTok user said: “This is hilarious. They really think this will pass off as a UFO.”

Fascinating theories supporting ‘aliens’

For those of you who don’t know, UFO enthusiasts take great interest in unraveling mysteries surrounding extraterrestrial lives. It isn’t surprising that many thought the balloon spotted over Portland could have been piloted by an “alien” as rumors and speculations about them are spreading like wildfire on social media.

The stories below about alleged UFO sightings and supposed aliens could help you tell the rumors and truth apart as HITC has debunked many wild claims.

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