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Ranking the Best Movies that Also Have World-Class Slot Games

The world of online casino gaming is an incredibly competitive place. Not only do you have hundreds of platforms battling to win over new players, but you’ve also got just as many development studios pitting their games in libraries numbering in the thousands. There is an ocean of iGaming creations that anyone with an account can play, so it’s integral for developers to create games with themes that are as appealing as possible.

If a license can be acquired, smash-hit movies and instantly identified film characters are a clear-cut way to increase the appeal of a slot game. Of course, the quality of the film itself and its subsequent fandom plays a big part in the initial success of these creations, but once players are in, the slots need to be entertaining. So, to help you navigate the many, many existing movie slots, these are the ones based on the best films that also succeed as world-class slot games.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day continues to be hailed as one of the best science-fiction sequels ever made, talked about alongside the likes of Empire Strikes Back and Aliens. So, it won’t come as a surprise that it’s the theme of a very popular slot game. Available at a platform with a new and very rewarding bonus that’s coming soon to, the Terminator 2 slot makes full use of its theme. You’ll see the T-1000 transform, use T-800 vision, and get help from John and Sarah Connor. Importantly, unrestricted bonuses like deposit matches can be played freely on the T2 slot. Newcomers to the platform and the slot adaptation of James Cameron’s masterpiece will be able to spin the reels with a bonus. Still, what is that’s made T2 such an endearing movie and a great pick for a slot game’s theme.

Not adjusted for inflation (which makes the feat all the more impressive), Terminator 2 stands as the highest-earning film of all six Terminator outings, collecting over $515 million worldwide in 1991. Still, its legacy lies in successfully pivoting a sci-fi horror into an all-out sci-fi action movie and making tremendous advancements in CGI to make the liquid-metal Terminator a believable and unrelenting force.

The Goonies

In 1985, The Goonies hit theatres with a batch of mostly unheard-of leads to make up the Goonies gang. The flick collected $63 million domestically and not much to speak of overseas, but it became a cult classic. It’s this cult status and great word of mouth that has enabled The Goonies to become far more popular now than it was even when it hit cinemas nearly 40 years ago.

A huge helper of this continued reverence is that a sequel or reboot never came to pass. In fact, perhaps even to rub it in a little, the slot game has its own sequel already. The Goonies video slot, made for the Jackpot King progressive suite, didn’t come out long ago, and yet, there’s already The Goonies Return with its 50,000x grand prize. If we’re lucky, these playable Goonies outings will be the only sequels as the original movie hails as a classic tale remains untouchable in the eyes of director Richard Donner.

Sausage Party

An animated film set in a supermarket about food that gets disillusioned about what it means to be purchased has some legs, particularly in the comedy genre. Throw in notorious writing duo Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen as well as voice acting from Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd, Edward Norton, and a whole host of other stars, and you’ve got a surprisingly well-realized, as details.

As followers of the above will likely have assumed, this is very much an animated film for adults. Some of what happens is shocking even to the initiated. Yet it’s this that has been grabbed onto by the developers of the Sausage Party slot game! The Blueprint-made rendition of the film that landed a $141 million box-office haul includes features like Getting’ Juiced, Bun in the Oven, Bread Bashing, Wild in the Aisles, and The Even Greater Beyond. The theme is fully embraced, and it makes for a unique experience – much like the movie did.

So, if you want great slots based on superb movies, look out for Terminator 2, The Goonies, The Goonies Return, and Sausage Party.


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