Reasons The Family Chantel’s Pedro Jimeno Won’t Be Deported Despite Karen’s Attempts


  • Pedro’s stable job and successful career in the United States make it unlikely for him to return to the Dominican Republic.
  • Chantel and her family will struggle to prove that Pedro committed fraud because their relationship lasted for seven years.
  • Pedro has not been involved in any illegal activity, making it difficult for Chantel and her family to find evidence to support their claims.



Pedro Jimeno from The Family Chantel will probably stay in the United States despite Chantel Everett and her mom, Karen Everett’s displeasure. The 32-year-old Dominican Republic native began dating his American wife nearly a decade ago. He seemed to love her, and the pair’s old photos show that. Unfortunately, Pedro and Chantel’s relationship changed when they moved to Georgia and got married. The couple began facing major family issues that slowly hurt their marriage. In 2022, Pedro finally asked Chantel for divorce after months of emotional drama. The couple separated on The Family Chantel season 4.

Pedro and Chantel faced many challenges in their final year together. Pedro felt his wife didn’t have aspirations and motivations like him. In comparison, Chantel believed that Pedro had cheated on her and wanted to end things because he had secured a green card. The Everett family also concluded that their former son-in-law had scammed her. Chantel’s mom, Karen Everett, accused Pedro of being a “swanky-panky” and did everything in her power to punish him. She sold his belongings for a low price while Chantel emptied the joint bank account to pay their bills.

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It’s Impossible To Prove Pedro Committed Marriage Fraud

Chantel and her family want to prove Pedro committed fraud. They hope the officials will kick him out of the United States and deport him to the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like either Chantel or Karen could do anything about it. Pedro and Chantel tied the knot in 90 Day Fiancé season 4, which premiered in 2016. They had already been dating for years and were very much in love. Pedro continued his marriage and televised it for nearly seven years. He only asked for a divorce after things got unbearable for him.

Since the pair’s journey has been in the public eye for years, it will be hard for Karen or her lawyer to prove that Pedro committed fraud. An LLC website, Tucker Law, suggests that deportation is only valid if the relationship lasted for less than two years. The individual must have obtained a green card in the marriage less than 24 months old. Since Pedro was with Chantel for seven years, it’s hard to prove that his goal was to scam her. Karen will have to come up with solid proof to get him deported.

Pedro Hasn’t Been Involved In Any Illegal Activity

Any type of illegal activity is also a valid reason for deportation. However, Pedro has steered clear of all troubles since he came to the United States. He doesn’t have a shady track record. There’s no public history of him using drugs, being an alcoholic, or physically harming his partner. His life’s journey has been an open book on TV. Chantel and her family will have to dig deep to find proof of Pedro’s illegal activities to use in court. Otherwise, they won’t be able to do anything about him being in the U.S.

Pedro Has A Stable Job In The U.S.

Pedro will never return to the Dominican Republic because he’s living a stable life in Georgia. While The Family Chantel star was initially jobless, he has since built himself up and become a thriving U.S. resident. Pedro got his real estate license from the Georgia Real Estate Commission in 2021. Soon after, he began working for Laura Delgado Realty Group, a real estate firm based in Norcross, Georgia. During The Family Chantel season 4, viewers saw Pedro work hard at his new job and get started. Later, his social media showed him selling expensive properties, making him a lot of money.

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Pedro hadn’t relied on Chantel for years before he eventually ended his relationship with her. He worked on himself and built a stable career without using her to his advantage. Over the months, Pedro got himself a place, an expensive Audi, and much more. Therefore, Chantel can’t say that her former husband used her. If Pedro were a talentless hack, it would be easy to prove his ill intentions. However, he’s quite smart, and his numerous sales on social media prove that he didn’t need the Everett family.

Pedro Had Genuine Reasons To Leave Chantel

It’s easy to spot when someone tries to scam another person. However, Pedro did nothing of the sort to Chantel. From day one, he appeared to have good intentions. Pedro even wanted his mother and sister to be friends with Chantel’s parents and siblings. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as he had planned. Pedro struggled to find a way to build a stable relationship with Chantel’s family. He grew further apart from his wife, and she probably did nothing to remedy his negative feelings. Eventually, he just fell out of love.

Pedro didn’t make any sudden excuse to end his relationship with Chantel. Instead, he slowly changed as he became more distant from her. While Chantel tried her best to win her husband’s heart in 2022, she was two seasons too late. Pedro had valid reasons when he asked for the divorce, from his lack of love for her to his inability to stand her toxic family. While a case can be made that he did her wrong to give up on his marriage, it’s still hard to prove that he plotted this outcome from the beginning.

Pedro Has Been An Honest Green Card Holder For Years

Pedro Jimeno from The Family Chantel grinning

Pedro isn’t a new green card holder. It would be very suspicious if he had started creating relationship problems with Chantel soon after getting his citizenship. However, the reality star didn’t cause any drama. Instead, he tried to make a living with Chantel, got a house together, and bought new things in hopes of a bright future. It’s hard for anyone to devise an evil plan without letting their mask slip. If Pedro wanted to break up with Chantel, he wouldn’t have tried to build a home with her or televised his story on The Family Chantel.

The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

Sources: Tucker Law, PJ Realtor/Instagram

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