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Recent ‘UFO’ sighting in Seattle was actually US Navy Leap Frogs completing sports stunt

An apparent ‘UFO’ sighting in Seattle has gone viral on Twitter after a video of two bright objects moving in the sky surfaced. However, the truth behind the video debunks the ‘UFO’ and ‘aliens’ panic.

The panic around ‘UFOs’ and ‘alien‘ sightings has been on a fever pitch in the past few months. Every other day fresh claims of UFO sightings in different parts of the world surface online. Most recently, claims about multiple ‘UFOs’ in Israel being intercepted by fighter jets spread online. Before that, it was the claims about bright red-diamond-shaped ‘UFO’ over Russia. Now it’s a recent sighting in Seattle, Washington that have netizens’ attention.

2019 Rock'n'Roll Seattle Marathon and 1/2 Marathon
Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images for Rock’n’Roll Marathon

‘UFO’ sighting in Seattle

A recent video shared by the popular social media channel Drama Alert claimed ‘UFOs’ were spotted over Seattle. The videos feature Seattle’s Space Needle building and the rest of the city’s skyscrapers. Meanwhile one can spot two bright lights moving in the sky.

The group of skywatchers that recorded the video can be heard panicking in the background. “What is it dropping? What is happening? Why are they moving?” one person asks. “They just split into two pieces” another individual says as the two bright objects that seemingly came from a plane move away from each other. The group can be heard speculating in the background about what the two objects could possibly be.

After a while one of the two objects is seen disappearing in the night sky. Soon the second one goes out too. Soon after the video surfaced on Twitter, theories and claims about the objects being “UFOs” began to spread. But here’s the truth.

It was Navy Leap Frogs doing a sports stunt

While the Drama Alert video makes “UFO” claims, Twitter users have something else to say about the viral video.

Under their video, Twitter’s new feature shows the context behind the video that fellow users of the platform added. The note from Twitter reveals that the “UFOs” are actually Navy Leap Frogs doing a stunt for a sports event.

More users of the platform have shared videos shot from within the plane, as the Navy Leap Frogs jumped from the jet. A clip posted on Seattle Sounders FC shows fireworks going off inside a plane as the Navy Leap Frogs jump from the plane. They are carrying the fireworks with them as they free-fall from the plane.

Another clip shows the two Navy Leap Frogs exiting the plane and moving across the sky at high speed with fireworks going off.

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