RESO! Members Profile and Facts (Updated!)

RESO! Members Profile and Facts

RESO! (formerly known as Resoluscia) was a three-member J-Pop kaigai idol group based in Florida, USA. They released their first single “Goddess” on December 20, 2020. They disbanded on August 25, 2023 due to Mimi dealing with health problems. The other members didn’t want to continue without her, so they dissolved RESO!.

The members created their own songs, costumes and choreography.

RESO! Socials:
Twitter: RESO_idol
Instagram: reso_idol
TikTok: reso_idol
YouTube: RESO!
Bandcamp: RESO!
Ko-Fi: resoidol
Patreon: resoidol

RESO! Members:
Mimi Lucelle

Stage Names: Mimi, Mimi Lucelle, Meotashi, Julia
Birthday: September 17
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Twitter: meotashie
Instagram: meotashi
YouTube: meotashi / Mimi Lucelle Ch.

Mimi Lucelle Facts:
– Her image colour is purple.
– She is a former member of Stellure.
– She has an original character named Spectra Veille, who she will use for future original content and song covers.
– She is also a VTuber, designer and illustrator.
– She released her solo EP “Stardust!!” on September 17, 2021.
– Her charm point is her round eyes.
– Her personality is energetic, creative, passionate, feisty, ambitious and brave.
– Her trope is “the genius ditz”.
– She is graceful and flexible, but clumsy.
– She was the youngest member of RESO!; she was 18-19 when she formed the group.
– Lucelle is a French surname that means “(bringer of) light”.
– She is also a full-time freelance creator. She does things like creating manga-style comics, illustration works and photography.
– Mimi created all of RESO!’s VTuber models. She also often puts models up for sale.
– Mimi did the illustrations for RESO!
– She likes fruits, cats, idols, magical girls and manga.
– She dislikes Math, coffee, dirt, eggs and strobe lights.
– She can come up with all sorts of creative solutions to any problem by using whatever random supplies that are around her.
– Mimi has been creating art and content for over 10 years.
– Her MBTI Type is ISTJ.
– Her top 5 anime are Madoka MagicaShow by Rock!!Natsume YuujinchouSnow White with the Red Hair and Shadow House.
– She is currently creating a manga called Pink Willows which is set to release in early 2024.
– Mimi has also written a multi-book manga series with Book 1 set to release in early 2025.

Pengy Artemisa

Stage Names: Pengy, Pengy Artemisa
Birthday: May 23
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Twitter: Pengy_Time / Pengy_san
Instagram: pengy_time / pengy_draws
TikTok: pengy_time
Twitch: pengy_time
YouTube: Pengy Time

Pengy Artemisa Facts:
– Her image colour is yellow.
– She speaks English and Spanish.
– She was a member of Morning Sunrise.
– She is also a VTuber and illustrator.
– Pengy is the only RESO! member who shares the same name as her character.
– She loves production and has a vast knowledge of graphic design and marketing.
– Artemisa was likely based on “Artemis”, the Greek goddess of the moon.
– She has been a part of the anime convention scene since 2010. She is known for her creative and professional feats such as running her own made café, her art and her cosplay, alongside with being a part of RESO!.
– She likes penguins, reading, rivalries, theme parks and retro design.
– She dislikes being bored, feeling cold, butterflies, traffic and steak.
– Her trope is “the sugar and snark”.
– Her personality is charismatic, smug, honest and easy-going.
– She is ambitious and eager, but unorganised.
– Her top 5 anime are Princess TutuOne PieceOuran High School Host ClubTiger and Bunny and Kill la Kill.

Daisy Rosewood

Stage Names: Daisy Rosewood, Bambi Strawberri, Bambi
Birthday: January 13, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5’4″
Instagram: bambi.strawberri
Twitter: daisy_reso / bambistrawberri
Twitch: daisy_rosewood
YouTube: Bambi ♡ / Daisy Rosewood Ch. RESO!

Daisy Rosewood Facts:
– Her image colour is pink.
– She is currently a member of Prismic.
– She joined RESO! on June 13, 2023.
– Her charm point is her dimple.
– Her personality is refined, affectionate, organised, positive, kind and meticulous.
– Her trope is “the spoiled sweet”.
– She likes fashion, plushies, books, animals and tea parties.
– She dislikes horror, bugs, rain, beaches and watermelon.
– She is elegant and clever, but impulsive.
– Her top 5 anime are ChihayafuruInuyashaTamako MarketYona of the Dawn and Ao Haru Ride.
– She posts dance covers online.
– She has been cosplaying for over 10 years and has been in various groups that helped build her skills and confidence.
– She has had vocal training along with being classically trained on the viola.

Former Members:
Yooya Spéir

Stage Names: Yooya Spéir, Monii
Birthday: May 19, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 5’7″
Twitter: Monii_Bagel
Instagram: monii.bagel
Ko-Fi: Monii
Twitch: moniibagel
YouTube: Monii

Yooya Spéir Facts:
– Her image colour was mint green.
– She joined on December 23, 2020 and graduated on September 25, 2021.
– She is a songwriter and has written music for Raon LeeLOONAATTI&TEAM and Takanashi Kiara.
– She songs she helped write include “NEON” (Raon Lee), “B.U.R.N (Be U Right Now)” (LOONA, Unreleased), “Regeneration” (ATTI), “Blue” (ATTI), “The moon is beautiful” (&TEAM), “Sleep Talking” (Takanashi Kiara) and more.
– She is part of the songwriting duo Asteroid Music Team, who also wrote music for AqoursENHYPENSornYoungjae and more.
– Her personality is clumsy, blissful, daydreamy, playful and outgoing.
– She is an introvert.
– She likes miniature items, misty mornings, physics, winter and fantasy books.
– She dislikes convoluted things, sour candy, hot weather, technology and sea monsters.
– She claims to be bad with technology.
– She also does backing vocals for artists, and did so for Raon Lee, Takanashi Kiara, and more.
– She helped write RESO!’s song “BLUEPRINT”.
– She is also a cosplayer.

Weiss Oliver

Stage Names: Weiss Oliver, Charlie
Birthday: June 6, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 5’7″

Weiss Oliver Facts:
– His image colour was rose red.
– He joined RESO! on July 31, 2021 and graduated on September 25, 2021.
– His personality is regal, loyal, curious, bashful and determined.
– He likes tea (cinna-apple), video games, poetry, rainy days and spicy food.
– He dislikes tomato juice, pastries, sunny days, being alone and vending machines.

Nikki Sarris

Stage Names: Nikki Sarris, Vi, Honeycomb Vi
Birthday: September 17, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Twitter: honeycombvi
Instagram: honeycombvi

Nikki Harris Facts:
– She was an original member and graduated on May 26, 2023.
– His member colour was orange.
– She goes by she/they/he pronouns.
– They are a former member of Cherrish.
– He was the oldest member of RESO!.
– Sarris is a Greek surname meaning “fair-haired” and “pale”.
– She enjoys playing farm life games, chickens are her favourite animals in them.
– They are currently a full-time soloist.
– Their personality is warm-hearted, cheerful, romantic, studious, organised and pragmatic.
– She memorises dances almost instantly.
– She likes otters, tea, flowers, cartoons and swing jazz.
– They dislike uncertainty, breakups, onions, workouts and lying.
– Their favourite anime are Jujutsu KaisenSugar Sugar RuneOjamajo DoremiMermaid Melody and Next Life as a Villainess.

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