REVIEW: Vault Dwellers Journey Into The Wasteland After A Nuclear ‘Fallout’


Fallout is a retro-futuristic live-action adaption of the classic video game of the same name. However, this upcoming action-comedy takes the name but runs with it in a new and fun direction as it is not an adaption of any one video game. Instead, the show takes the best parts of every game and adapts an original story set within the same universe. The series follows multiple storylines, including innocent Vault dweller Lucy (played by Ella Purnell), squire of the Brotherhood of Steel, Maximus (played by Aaron Moten), and finally, the mysterious Ghoul (played by Walton Goggins).


We at Knight Edge Media were given early access to Prime Video’s adaption of Fallout before it is released later tonight. The series is simply Twisted Metal on steroids and given a massive budget. The wasteland world feels alive, and there is a throwback to many Western films made in the 1950s. The soundtrack is the biggest standout of the series, showcasing many classic songs that transport you back to the 50s and 60s. The 1950s music mirrors the world the characters seem stuck in, even though it takes place over 200 years into the future. Showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner have been able to even out the humor (and there’s a lot) with the series’ action. While the plot lines seem simple (Lucy finding her dad and Maximus becoming a Knight), it works for the eight-episode first season. Also, introducing a Ghoul with a mysterious background directly connected to Vault tec was a fantastic addition.


It should be noted this show is extremely graphic in terms of blood and violence. However, the show is a comedy through and through, and the blood and violence always come off as comedic with the use of “stupid amounts of blood.” This was the entire point of the show and wasn’t made by mistake. This show is again not an adaption of any one game, yet it still pays homage to the video games that came before it, with many easter eggs for hardcore fans. Make no mistake, this show is very much its own story set within the same universe. Unfortunately, the downside of the show is that of Jonathan Nolan’s directing. His first few episodes are not anything to be excited about and are very much an auto-pilot production. It will be a surprise that the Westworld creator didn’t help write the show alongside his wife, Lisa Joy, which could have put this over the top regarding writing quality. I think it’s safe to say the video game curse has been lifted after The Last of Us, Sonic, Super Mario, and now Fallout.

3.5 out of 5.0 stars

All in all, if you enjoy Twisted Metal or have a soft spot for Mad Max, you will thoroughly enjoy Fallout. The over-the-top violence, with its slapstick comedy, will have you enjoying every episode. One after the other, you will want to binge the entire show. While the show was made for those who had never played the games. It also has many callbacks and easter eggs that longtime video game players will also find enjoyable.



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