Rick And Morty’s Rick Prime Is A Better Villain Than Evil Morty For 1 Key Reason


  • Both Rick Prime and Evil Morty have been important villains in Rick and Morty, but Rick Prime stands out due to his personal and morally depraved motivations.
  • Evil Morty, on the other hand, is a more complex and compelling character with understandable motivations rooted in injustice.
  • In order to make Evil Morty an even bigger threat, the show needs to give him a reason to use the Omega Device and potentially focus the story around him and his conflict with Rick and Morty.



Warning: Spoilers for Rick and Morty season 7, episode 5

Both Rick Prime and Evil Morty have played a huge role in Rick and Morty‘s story over the years, but Rick Prime has proven to be the better villain for one key reason. The show’s two antagonists have been present for several seasons, and while their appearances have been relatively sporadic, they always leave a lasting impression. They have been involved in some of the series’ best episodes and their presence alone helps elevate them. Although they have both been presented as villains, the two aren’t directly linked. Their goals don’t align and, in Rick and Morty season 7 episode 5, Evil Morty even helps track down Rick Prime.

Their differing motivations help them stand out from one another and separate them as their own unique villains. Rick and Morty‘s Rick Prime has a history with Rick C-137, the show’s main character. Evil Morty, on the other hand, proves to be independent of the series’ main characters and, instead, is an extremely smart Morty who devises his own sinister plans. Their actions throughout the series have elevated them to be far bigger villains than anyone else in Rick and Morty, and while each has proven to be cunning and problematic, Rick Prime is the better villain thanks to one key reason.

Rick And Morty Proves Rick Prime Is A Better Villain For 1 Reason

Rick Prime’s goals and motivation are far more personal and have no true moral justification. The reason that every Rick Sanchez throughout the multiverse hates him is because Rick Prime killed their wife, Diane, in every dimension. He only chose to do this to prove he was truly the prime Rick, and he believed anyone who refused to appreciate his genius in creating the portal gun felt they were better than him. Choosing to hurt every other Rick to prove his superiority highlights that he is a villain through and through.

He developed a true hatred for other Ricks yet is constantly smiling due to his arrogance. How much he enjoys tormenting the other Ricks is proven in season 7, episode 5, where he forces a group of Ricks to fight to the death, promising Diane to the winner. The reality of it though, is that the prize is really a robotic version of Diane, equipped with weapons. She is programmed to mock the survivor while trying to kill him, emphasizing how morally depraved Rick Prime is. Despite Rick and Morty season 7’s Rick Prime twist of killing the character, he remains the best villain on the show due to his commitment to making Rick suffer in every dimension.

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Rick Prime Is A Better Villain, But Evil Morty Is A Better Character

Rick Prime smiling next to Evil Morty looking intensely at the camera

Although Rick Prime has cemented himself as the show’s best villain, Evil Morty is still a better character. Evil Morty is far more complex, his backstory highlights how he grew sick of Rick mistreating him and took measures into his own hands. While it is hard to justify killing multiple Ricks from different dimensions, there is some understandable motivation behind Evil Morty’s actions. He wants to free Mortys from their grandfather, although he goes too far in doing so. Rick Prime’s actions come from a place of ego, whereas Evil Morty’s plans are more motivated by injustice.

In terms of how his character differs from other Mortys, he is far more different than Rick Prime is to other Ricks. Rick Prime is essentially just a smarter version of other Ricks with less morality; however, Ricks in general are already portrayed as fairly bad people despite having redeeming qualities. This is what makes Evil Morty so compelling. He is completely different from his counterparts, showing confidence, independence, and incredible intelligence. Even Rick Prime is impressed by his competence. Evil Morty stands out as one of the most unique characters in the show and that is why he has become so popular despite being a villain.

How Rick And Morty Can Make Evil Morty A Bigger Threat

Rick and Morty handcuffed alongside Evil Morty adjusting his eyepatch

Evil Morty may already be a great threat, but Rick and Morty must make the character even more menacing to fill the gap left by Rick Prime’s death. Season 7, episode 5, showed Evil Morty teaming with the two title characters. He did maintain his cold and intelligent demeanor but worked pretty comfortably with them without acting too much like a villain. The episode did give the show an immediate way to amplify Evil Morty being a threat by showing he now has the schematics of the Omega Device. This is the weapon that Rick Prime used to kill Diane in every dimension, meaning Evil Morty is a viable threat.

This may make the character more dangerous, but the show needs to give him a reason to want to use it. The most notable would be Rick C-137 causing some multiversal event that impacts Evil Morty and, with his hatred of Ricks already, he’d be inclined to use it. Rick and Morty season 7’s no Morty problem could be solved by him being the one to anger Evil Morty. Morty hasn’t featured much in season 7 and by having him directly or indirectly triggering Evil Morty, the story could revolve more around them. This would still allow Rick to be involved, amplify Morty’s role, and make Evil Morty a major concern for the main characters.

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