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Rob Lowe to Narrate ‘Inside the Mind of a Dog’ Documentary for Netflix

Rob Lowe To Narrate Documentary Inside The Mind Of A Dog For Netflix

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Man’s Best Friend will be the subject of a new documentary set to arrive on Netflix in 2024. Primetime Emmy-nominated actor Rob Lowe will narrate.

This new documentary serves as a follow-up to the 2022 Netflix Original documentary Inside the Mind of a Cat but switches up the format from focusing on our feline friends to canine friends.

Inside the Mind of a Cat sought to answer all your burning questions about cats and did quite well on Netflix following its release in August 2022. It went on to feature in the Netflix daily top 10s in over 49 countries and in the global top 10s for a single week, picking up 6.99 million hours watched.

The new doc applies the same formula to dogs, asking questions like why some dogs chase balls for hours and why small dogs think they’re huge.

Per Netflix, here’s a short synopsis for the upcoming doc:

“Explore the ancient and complex human-dog relationship, reveal cutting edge research and offer at-home tips for dog owners everywhere. Following our main characters – a brilliant, super trained border collie; a precocious pug; and a lovable rescued mutt – our team of elite canine experts from across the globe, dive deep into our best friend’s hidden mind, to answer everyone’s biggest canine questions.”

Rob Lowe is no stranger to Netflix, having appeared in four Netflix Originals thus far. His first Netflix appearance came in 2019 with the Christmas rom-com Holiday in the Wild to next appear in the docu-series Attack on the Hollywood Cliches! which he hosted back in 2021.

More recently, he starred in the heartfelt Dog Gone movie (which may have been partly the reason he got this particular documentary gig!) and the comedy series Unstable, in which he stars alongside his son. Unstable just recently wrapped filming its second season and is due to return in 2024.

Who’s directing Inside the Mind of a Dog?

Andy Knight Mitchell, a four-time Emmy Award winner, will be returning to direct the new documentary following the 2022 movie Inside the Mind of a Cat. He has worked for most distributors, including National Geographic, Disney+, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery, and Animal Planet.

Mitchell also worked on Netflix’s award-winning Penguin Town and Naledi: A Baby Elephant’s Tale. Credits elsewhere, including Planet of the Whales, Moving Giants, and The Real Black Panther.

This is just one of many feature-film documentaries due out in 2024. We just covered three new ones yesterday: How to Rob a Bank, Buy Now: The Shopping Conspiracy, and Secret Lives of Orangutans. Others coming up in 2024 include Apollo 13: Survival, Ibelin, Living with Leopards, Power, and What Jennifer Did.

Are you excited about Inside the Mind of a Dog on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.


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