SH1NY ST4RS Members Profile and Facts

SH1NY ST4RS Members Profile and Facts

SH1NY ST4RS is a J-Pop kaigai idol girl group based in Barcelona, Spain. They were formed in 2021 as 2C1P/Two Cats One Panda.

The “1” and “4” in their name comes from the fact that they changed their group name on January 4th (01/04).

SH1NY ST4RS Official Colour: Yellow

SH1NY ST4RS Official Socials:
Instagram: SH1NY_ST4RS
Twitter: SH1NY_ST4RS
YouTube: SH1NY_ST4RS

SH1NY ST4RS Members:

Member Colour: Black
Shiny Animal: Black Cat
Birthday: December 2
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Instagram: tarrinadelima
Twitter: MarinetteNyan
YouTube: MarinetteNyan

Marinette Facts:
– She was a 2D Idol Vtuber from 2020 until 2022.
– On June 25, 2021, she released a song called “Yumi o Yumemiru“ (ユミを夢見る).
– She has a black cat named Yumi, which is why she decided to have her member colour be black.
– She speaks 4 languages; Catalan, Spanish, French and English. She is currently learning Japanese.
– She loves Pochacco, a Sanrio character.
– She is a game developer at a big game company in Barcelona.
– Her main visual is her blue hair, which she has had for about 10 years.
– She is a big fan of SANDAL TELEPHONE, and has hundreds of chekis/polaroids of the group.
– Her hobbies are sleeping and watching TV series.


Member Colour: Blue
Shiny Animal: Polar Bear
Birthday: September 4
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Instagram: blaucosplay
Twitter: blaucosplay
YouTube: Blaucosplay
Ko-Fi: Blaucosplay

Blau Facts:
– She speaks 3 languages; Catalan, Spanish and English.
– She would love to study Japanese.
– One of her favourite characters to cosplay is Barbara from Genshin Impact.
– She loves all shades of the colour blue.
– She has been doing dance covers for many years.
– Her favourite movie is The Lion King.
– Her favourite animals are raccoons, giant pandas, and polar bears.
– She likes Cinnamoroll from Sanrio.
– Her hobbies are playing video games and watching dramas.
– Her favourite group is Yoruami (Yakousei Amuse) .


Member Colour: Purple
Shiny Animal: Fox
Birthday: December 21
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Instagram: paspi.murasaki
Twitch: albapaspi
YouTube: Alba Paspi

Paspi Facts:
– Paspi can speak Catalan, Spanish, English and Japanese.
– She also knows a little bit of French and Korean.
– She used to live in Kyoto, Japan, but only for a few months.
– She has 3 cats; Chiita, Tora, and Kenshi.
– She first discovered idols when she began listening to Hello! Project in the 2000s.
– She studied performing arts and musical theatre.
– She has around 20 tattoos.
– She likes Kuromi.
– Her hobbies include travelling, playing video games, singing, and watching musicals.


Member Colour: Pink
Shiny Animal: White Cat
Birthday: February 13
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Instagram: aichi_midori
Twitter: aichi_midori
YouTube: Erena

Erena Facts:
– She was added to the group in 2022.
– She lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a year from 2015-2016.
– She speaks Catalan, Spanish and English. She also knows a little bit of Thai, and is currently studying Japanese.
– She has 3 cats; Tybalt, Ember, and Haru.
– Her favourite group is Buono!.
– Her hobbies are playing video games and reading manga.


Member Colour: Salmon Pink
Shiny Animal: Rabbit
Birthday: May 19
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Instagram: ito19_
TikTok: ito19_

Iara Facts:
– She was added to the group in 2022.
– Her hobbies are playing video games and watching anime.

Former Members:

Member Colour: Red
Shiny Animal:
Birthday: August 12
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Instagram: iimmgina

Gina Facts:
– She seemingly left the group sometime in March 2023.
– She was a founding member.
– Her hobbies are playing video games and drawing.
– She is a part of the K-Pop dance cover group MisangDance.


Member Colour: Green
Shiny Animal: Bunny
Birthday: December 15
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Instagram: bunnykaisui
Twitter: bunnykaisui
Facebook: bunnykaisuiofficial
TikTok: bunnykaisui
YouTube: bunny☆kaisui
Twitch: bunnykaisui
Ko-Fi: bunnykaisui
Website: bunny-kaisui.com

bunny☆kaisui Facts:
– She was added in 2022.
– She left the group on July 17, 2023 to focus on solo activities.
bunny☆kaisui Profile and Facts

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