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Sister Wives: News Roundup – Week of Oct. 23-29 – Kody’s Cruelty To Meri Was Revealed & So Was Mykelti’s “Twins” Sonogram


  • Sister Wives season 18 reveals a seamy underbelly with explosive fights and dashed hopes, leading to a weak and divided Brown family.
  • Kody Brown’s angry because Christine left him, but his favoritism towards Robyn set the stage for her departure, and Janelle has had enough too.
  • The family used to be a cohesive unit, but now it’s all ashes, with dark vibes and hurt feelings replacing the halcyon days of carving pumpkins and sledding.



Sister Wives season 18’s exposing a seamy underbelly, thanks to explosive fights, bitterness, and dashed hopes. While the Brown family’s heart’s technically beating, the pulse is weak. Kody Brown’s angry because Christine Brown left him. However, favoring Robyn Brown set the stage for her departure. Janelle Brown’s had enough too, and Meri Brown’s destined to follow in her footsteps. The vibes are very dark due to yelling, swearing, and hurt feelings. The family used to be a cohesive unit. The children would carve pumpkins with their parents, or they’d go sledding together. Those halcyon days are over, and now, it’s all ashes.

In Sister Wives season 18, unhappiness is a theme. Kody’s feathers are ruffled, as he’s constantly being attacked by the unhappy women in his life. Janelle thinks he left her broke, when he wasn’t hanging her out to dry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Christine’s mad because he’s mistreating Janelle. She wants Janelle to move to Utah – then, they’ll be able to stay close. Meri’s looking for some sign that Kody cares, but that’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.

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Meri Reveals The Cruel Way Kody Ended Their Marriage

Kody Finally Told The Truth About His Feelings For Meri

Kody’s only a gentleman with Robyn. With the other wives, he’s more of a beast. His heart’s not it in with Janelle, Meri or Christine, and that’s why all of them are leading single lives offscreen, except for Christine, who recently tied the knot. Since his uncouth behavior’s at an all-time high this season, it’s no surprise that he hurt Meri badly when he finally said what was already so obvious – he wasn’t into it anymore. He revealed this in an exclusive teaser video for the upcoming episode, as per E News:

“Well, I’m just not interested. You can stick around if you want.”

While their spiritual union (which started out as a legal marriage) was designed to be an, “eternal covenant,” times are changing. Reality TV show star Kody’s now 52 years old, and he’s ready for a different lifestyle. He prefers the peace he finds in his relationship with Robyn to the high-pitched drama that’s part and parcel of polygamy.

When faced with this deeply unappealing offer, Meri found a glimmer of pride. For too long, she’s been subservient. She said, “Why would I want to do that eternally?” As though a light bulb went on, she saw the way forward. The torch that lit the metaphorical darkness was this: self-respect. She thinks Kody, “changed his mind” about her, although he told her she could, “stick around” if she wanted to. The language was relatively mild, but the message was brutal.

Kody’s so over plural marriage, and he’s past sugarcoating his thoughts. He’s finally getting real, years too late. While Meri must have been crestfallen when she heard his words, they needed to be said. They were long overdue.

A Sneak Peek Showed Mykelti Padron’s “Twins” Sonogram Pics

Offscreen, Mykelti Padron gave birth to twin sons Ace and Archer in 2022, after announcing her pregnancy that June. In a sneak peek from today’s Sister Wives episode, as per US Weekly, Christine gets a first glimpse of her daughter’s sonogram photos, which show that she’s expecting twins. It’s an exciting and joyous moment for the family, which was thankfully captured by cameras. In the recent (and adorable) Instagram post added above, Mykelti shows off her sons as they frolic in a pumpkin patch. They are getting big, roughly one year after their birth. Both have red hair that matches the autumnal setting.

Kody and Christine share six kids, and Mykelti’s the second-oldest. Her husband’s Tony Padron. They also have a daughter, Avalon, who’s older than the twins. She was born in April 2021. Clearly, the Padrons have their hands full, but the chaos must be so much fun sometimes.

A “First Wives Club Meme” Made Christine LOL

sister wives final meme first wives club

When she took to her Stories to talk about a First Wives Club meme, Christine Brown was ebullient. She thought the meme, which is shown above, was “hilarious.” It features the film’s cast members, Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton. However, someone put the Sister Wives‘ exes’ faces on the bodies of those iconic Hollywood actresses. The effect was amusing and apt.

While Christine left Kody in the end, he left emotionally eons ago. He did so because he’s totally in love with Robyn. The meme above is a fun spin on the movie’s catchphrase…it says, “Don’t get mad… get rill.” The fact that Christine can laugh about her split with Kody says a lot. She’s grown so much as a person. Now, she’s married to David Woolley, and she’s never been happier. She has her kids and everything she wants. Christine has reality fame too.

Offscreen, Kody’s adjusting to life without Christine, Janelle and Meri. Onscreen, he’s trying to save his relationships with Janelle and Meri, but his efforts are weak, and Janelle’s running for the hills. The exes know the drill now, as they’ve seen how Kody’s acted over the years. They’ve observed him and made their own judgments. Now that they know him so well, they’re less inclined to put up with his nonsense. They know he won’t change, so they’re changing instead.

The capacity to change is all-important. Some people have it and others don’t. Offscreen, Kody’s angry, even though he drove his wives away. He still has Robyn, and instead of spending his time making her happy, he obsesses about the past. He tries to stir up trouble any way he can. Is something missing in his life that he needs to fill it with these sorts of futile activities? Maybe he and Robyn aren’t as happy as they pretend to be. Hopefully, they’ll stay together, but they’ve hit turbulence this season. In Sister Wives season 18, not a single Brown woman’s really happy, but Christine will get there soon enough.

Source: E News, US Weekly, Mykelti Brown/Instagram


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