‘Skinwalkers caught on camera in Ohio’ are creepy to the core


TikToks of ‘skinwalkers caught on camera’ in a school in Ohio are scarier than the skeletal remains of the ‘alien mummies’ that were revealed on live television in Mexico.

Adding to the existing fear of “aliens” and UFOs are the mythological figures that are supposedly found in large numbers in Ohio, according to multiple unverified reports that have surfaced in the recent past.

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Creepy ‘skinwalkers caught on camera in Ohio’

Whether they are real or not, the so-called skinwalkers allegedly caught on camera in Ohio will send chills right down your spine.

The viral TikTok shows more than one “skinwalker” as they are filmed without their knowledge. For the unversed, a skinwalker is a mythological entity believed to be a witch who can possess others or disguise as an animal. Legend holds they can walk on all fours.

The first skinwalker in the viral video is seen coming out of what is presumed to be a school, scantily clad in white with long hair. The unidentified creature in the clip lets out a loud cry as it starts to float away.

The video in question showcases more ‘so-called ‘skinwalkers’, including one crawling from the side of the road almost resembling a zombie, and another vaguely visible in an empty field.

The caption accompanying the video reads: “Skinwalkers caught on camera in Ohio on September 15th, 2023” with no further details. As the video consists of multiple clips put together, tracing back the origin of each of them is as hard as determining if there is any truth to it.

Reports claiming ‘skinwalkers’ in school are fake

TikTok is also filled with more videos alleging reports of ‘skinwalkers’ in schools in Ohio. However, there’s more to them than meets the eye.

The video showing schoolgoers hurrying towards the exits with scary sounds playing in the background is from the 2014 film, Into the Storm. The overlay text reads: “Reports of skinwalkers sighted at school in Ohio. September 20th, 2023.”

But, TikTok users were quick to call it out on being fake as most of them were aware of the movie scene which shows the chaos that unfolds in a school when a violent storm tears through the town.

Users react to the unverified video

The movie scene was brushed off as fiction at once, but the viral video of multiple “skinwalkers” in Ohio has gathered a lot of reaction, nevertheless.

One user wrote: “This is when I pray out to the lord. These witches are scared of him.”

“OK, I don’t believe in that stuff. Can someone refer me to someone who knows about this stuff because now I’m creeped out,” said another.

A third user wrote: “My situation is about to cry after this I have knots in my stomach”

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