Slovak FM: Sanctions will not solve Russia-Ukraine crisis

Slovakia Opposes Imposing Sanctions on Russia, Won’t Send Troops to Ukraine

Antalya (Turkey), March 3 (IANS) Slovak Foreign Minister Juraj Blanar has stated that Slovakia opposes imposing sanctions on Russia and will not send any weapons or troops to escalate the war in Ukraine. Blanar made these comments after a meeting with Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum in Turkey.

Blanar emphasized, “Sanction hurts even more the European Union than the Russian economy. We will not support any other sanction which will hurt more Slovakia than Russia.” He also mentioned that Slovakia’s new government has halted the delivery of weapons worth 40 million euros to Ukraine.

The Foreign Minister clarified, “Our position is more clear now than before because the frontier doesn’t move, and we are calling for a ceasefire and peace talking process which is the only solution of this crisis.”

In response to French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement about doing “everything that is necessary” to defeat Russia, including deploying troops, Lavrov commented that NATO troops were already in Ukraine unofficially. However, several NATO countries have rejected Macron’s remarks and stated that they have no plans to send troops to Ukraine to fight against Russia.


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