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Smart Strategies for Finding and Using YouTube TV Promo Codes

YouTube TV has become one of the most popular live TV streaming services. With a wide selection of channels, cloud DVR, and easy cancellation, it appeals to cord-cutters looking for an affordable cable alternative. Like many streaming subscriptions, YouTube TV offers occasional promo codes and free trials to attract new customers. Using YouTube TV promo code allows you to save on your monthly bill. This article will provide tips on finding the best YouTube TV deals and making the most of promo offers.

What is YouTube TV?

Before we dive into promo codes, let’s quickly go over what exactly YouTube TV is.

Channels & Features

YouTube TV provides live streams and on-demand access for over 85+ channels, including major broadcast networks, sports, news, and popular cable networks. The service has unlimited cloud DVR so you can record programs to watch later. YouTube TV works on most devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs. The interface is intuitive with good search tools and streamlined menus.


YouTube TV normally costs $64.99 per month. There are no contracts so you can cancel anytime. YouTube TV allows up to 6 user accounts per subscription so family members can share the service. Users can stream on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Benefits Of Using YouTube TV promo codes

Promo codes allow you to get discounts on the regular YouTube TV subscription fee. Here are some of the benefits of using YouTube TV promo codes:

Save Money On Subscription

The main reason to use a promo code is to lower the cost of your YouTube TV membership. Promo codes can give you $10-30 off per month, which adds up to over $100+ in annual savings. Codes provide an easy way to cut the cord and try YouTube TV at a lower price point.

Take Advantage Of Free Trials & Gifts

In addition to monthly discounts, some YouTube TV promo offers include extended free trial periods. Instead of just one week free, you may get one month or longer to preview the service. Occasionally there are promo codes for free streaming devices or other gifts when you sign up for YouTube TV.

Where To Find YouTube TV Promo Codes

Now that you know the benefits of promo codes, here are some places to find the latest YouTube TV deals:

YouTube TV Website

The YouTube TV site sometimes posts promo codes on their homepage. This is the most direct way to find offers straight from the source. These codes often provide the biggest discounts. Create an account and opt-in to receive emails – YouTube TV will occasionally send subscribers promo code offers.

Influencers & Promo Code Sites

Another great option is to search for YouTube TV promo codes on deal sites and influencer channels. These sites partner with YouTube TV to provide exclusive promo codes and trials for their followers. Look at sites like Slickdeals, Rakuten, and WalletHacks to find YouTube TV coupons. Social media influencers may also post codes.


Some retailers like Best Buy offer YouTube TV discounts to subscribers. Check with stores where you already shop to see if they have special promo offers. Retailers allow you to stack other rewards like gift cards when you purchase YouTube TV through them.

Tips For Using YouTube TV Promo Codes

Here are some tips to make the most of YouTube TV promo code offers:

Read Terms & Conditions

Be sure to read the fine print before entering any promo code. Pay attention to expiration dates, eligibility terms, and whether the code can be combined with other offers. Some codes are only valid for new members.

Stack Codes & Combine With Trials

Try stacking multiple promo codes on the same new account to maximize savings. Also, pair codes with extended free trial periods. The longer you can delay payment, the more you save. Just remember to set a reminder to cancel before getting charged if you don’t want to continue the service.

Look For Targeted Offers

YouTube TV will sometimes send subscribers personalized promo codes targeted to their viewing habits. Keep an eye out for special discounts based on your location or activity.

Maximizing Savings With YouTube TV

Aside from using promo codes, here are some ways to keep your YouTube TV costs low:

Compare Bundles

See if YouTube TV has any discounted bundles with other Google services you use like YouTube Music or YouTube Premium. Bundled packages can offer lower pricing.

Limit Upgrades

Avoid upgrading to more expensive packages with additional channels you may not watch. Stick to the base YouTube TV subscription.

Downgrade Or Cancel When Promos Expire

Once your promo pricing ends, reconsider if you still want to pay full price for YouTube TV. Downgrade your package or cancel to re-sign up later with a new promo code to continue saving.


How do I find the latest YouTube TV promo codes? 

Check the YouTube TV website, search promo code sites, follow influencers, and look for deals from retailers where you already shop. New codes come out frequently.

Can I use a YouTube TV promo code if I’m already a member? 

Unfortunately, most codes are just for new YouTube TV subscribers. You’ll need to cancel and re-sign up with a new account to use a promo code.

Do YouTube TV promo codes expire? 

Yes, all promo codes have an expiration date, usually within a few weeks or months. Be sure to enter codes quickly before they are no longer valid.

Can I combine multiple YouTube TV promo codes? 

In most cases, yes you can stack 2 or more promo codes on the same new account to maximize savings. Just be sure to read the offer terms.

What’s the best way to get targeted YouTube TV promo codes?

Opt into YouTube TV’s email list. They will occasionally send subscribers promo codes tailored to their viewing habits and location. Check your inbox!


Using YouTube TV promo codes is a great way to lower the monthly cost of a live TV streaming subscription. Keep an eye out for coupons on YouTube TV’s website, influencers, retailers, and promo code aggregators. Strategically stack codes, combine with trials, and make the most of targeted offers. Follow these tips to maximize your savings and enjoy YouTube TV at a discounted rate. With a little effort, you can consistently take advantage of promos to reduce your streaming budget.


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