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Spy x Family: Adapted manga chapters and where to read series in English explained


How many manga chapters has the Spy x Family anime adapted so far and where can you read the original series in English?

Spy x Family is preparing to make its triumphant return to Crunchyroll in just a few weeks but with the outstanding success of the anime, many fans are also turning towards the original manga to keep up with everything Anya. Now the question becomes, how many manga chapters has the anime adapted so far and where can you read Spy x Family online in English?

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How many manga chapters has Spy x Family anime adapted?

As of September 2023, the Spy x Family manga by Tatsuya Endo has published 87 individual chapters since its debut in March 2019 and sold more than 31 million copies worldwide.

Season 1 of the Spy x Family anime series included 25 TV episodes and adapted roughly two chapters per broadcast, plus a couple of side-chapters and short stories.

The season 1 finale ended by covering up to chapter 38, which is both the penultimate chapter of volume six and part of the Imperial Scholars Mixer Arc.

Season 2 of the Spy x Family anime is expected to adapt the remaining four chapters from this arc and the entirety of the next story arc, Cruise Adventure, which consists of 15 individual chapters.

Story arcs adapted in the anime series so far include:

Remaining story arcs left to be adapted in the Spy x Family anime include:

The upcoming Spy x Family Code: White theatrical movie is an original storyline and will not include content from the original manga series.

Where to read the Spy x Family manga in English

The 87 published chapters from Spy x Family, as of September 2023, have been collected into 11 complete Tankobon volumes with volume 12 set to launch in October 2023, followed by volume 13 in January 2024.

The good news is that nine of these Spy x Family manga volumes have already been published in English – volume 10 is scheduled to launch on October 4, 2023 – just a few days before season 2 of the anime premieres around the world.

The easiest and cheapest way to read the Spy x Family manga in English is via online platforms Viz Media and Manga Plus. Both platforms offer digital access to every published chapter with a subscription to Viz Media costing new users just $2.99 a month.

Physical copies of the collected volumes are available from outlets such as Amazon, Waterstones, and Bookshop; although your local comic store will also likely stock the series if you want to support local businesses.

Alternatively, digital versions of the series are also available through platforms including Viz Media directly, Google Play, Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle.

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