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Star Wars’ Ezra Bridger Actor Reunites With Chopper, Celebrates Ahsoka Finale


  • Ezra’s reunion with his Rebels family in the Ahsoka finale was a sweet and beloved moment for fans, as he finally gets to see Sabine, Ahsoka, Hera, and Chopper again.
  • There is potential for Ezra to have meaningful interactions with the rest of the Ghost crew, including training Kanan Jarrus’ son and reuniting with Zeb.
  • While a full reunion of the found family may not happen immediately due to the characters’ current situations, there is still hope for future seasons or projects to explore their return.



Eman Esfandi, the actor who portrays Ezra Bridger in Ahsoka, reunites with Chopper and celebrates the Ahsoka finale in a new video. The latest Star Wars Disney+ TV show sees many characters from the animated Star Wars Rebels series making their live-action debuts, but Esfandi’s performance as Ezra is one of the most notable and highly praised. Viewers have waited a long time to be reunited with Ezra after he disappeared from the galaxy long ago, and not only did they get to see him, but they also got to experience him in battle as well as sneaking around Imperials just like he always used to. Ezra’s return has been quite the thrill, and now, Esfandi himself has had a chance to celebrate it.

In a video shared by Big Screen Berkan, Esfandi is seen reuniting with an incredible replica of Chopper at Dallas Fan Festival. The two share an interaction much like what’s seen in the Ahsoka finale, as Esfandi himself points out with excitement. When Chopper responds to Esfandi, he cheers with even more excitement, revealing the full enthusiasm he has for being a part of the Star Wars galaxy.

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Ezra’s Reunion With His Rebels Family Was A Stunning Moment

Hera and Ezra reunite in the Ahsoka finale.

The found family of Rebels is one of the, if not the, most beloved in the entire Star Wars galaxy. To see Ezra reunited with Sabine and Ahsoka first and then Hera and Chopper later on is nothing short of sweet perfection. Ezra will finally have the chance to meet Hera’s son Jacen Syndulla, and he could even go on to train his old master Kanan Jarrus’ son. Since Zeb has already been seen working with the New Republic in The Mandalorian season 3, it likely won’t be much longer until Ezra gets to reunite with his brother as well, perfectly rounding out all the meetings of the Ghost crew.

With Sabine and Ahsoka still stranded in the other galaxy on Peridea, a full reunion of this found family won’t be possible until the two of them can either find their own way back or be rescued by someone else. It’s unknown whether this will occur before Dave Filoni’s upcoming The Mandalorian-era movie or not, seeing as Ahsoka season 2 hasn’t yet been announced and it was previously stated that only Skeleton Crew and The Mandalorian season 4 would be released before this Star Wars movie. It is, however, still a possibility, and in the meantime Ezra will have plenty to share with the family he can surround himself with back home.

Source: Big Screen Berkan


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