Star Wars Set Up One Missing Heir To The Empire Character’s Canon Return 8 Years Ago


  • Talon Karrde, a character from Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire, played a crucial role in the Thrawn trilogy.
  • While Star Wars canon has moved away from many Legends characters, there is a possibility that Karrde could return, as indicated by a reference in a 2015 publication.
  • However, it is uncertain if Karrde will appear in Dave Filoni’s Heir to the Empire movie, as he hasn’t been featured in recent TV shows, and there may be other characters who can fulfill his role.



Several characters from Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy have been set up for the Heir to the Empire movie, but Star Wars made another canon return possible in 2015. With so many characters set to return in Dave Filoni’s The Mandalorian Star Wars movie, now commonly referred to as “Heir to the Empire,” it’s easy to imagine an appearance from more Thrawn trilogy characters. One of the most crucial characters has not been set up in the recent TV shows on Disney+, a less well-known release seemingly confirmed that he may exist in canon.

Of course, the possibility of more Star Wars Legends characters in the Heir to the Empire movie doesn’t make it the best option. Filoni’s film will adapt the central conflict of Heir to the Empire, but the canon timeline has formed its own identity separate from Legends. It may be better to stick with the many characters that have been featured onscreen instead of resurrecting someone else. Even so, Star Wars has already revived characters that Thrawn trilogy fans never thought would return, making it worth considering if one more will appear in the Heir to the Empire movie.

Talon Karrde Was A Key Character In Heir To The Empire

While not as well known as characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn or Mara Jade, Talon Karrde played an essential role in Heir to the Empire. He took over Jabba the Hutt’s criminal enterprise after he died in Return of the Jedi, and this power and influence brought him in contact with Thrawn. Karrde’s resources gave him the power to influence both sides of the conflict until he joined forces against Thrawn and the Imperial Remnant. Most importantly, Karrde took on Mara Jade as his second in command, though he didn’t realize who she was.

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While Karrde suspected Mara Jade had a significant past, he never could have guessed that she was the former Emperor’s plan, loyal to Palpatine until his demise on the second Death Star. Karrde brought Mara Jade into contact with Luke Skywalker, whom she blamed for the Emperor’s death and had sworn to kill him. This relationship was not only crucial for the outcome of the Thrawn trilogy, but it had ramifications for the entire Star Wars Expanded Universe. Karde’s part in Thrawn’s story is currently confined to this continuity, but Star Wars made it possible for him to return to canon.

Star Wars Has Already Set Up Talon Karrde In Canon

Millennium Falcon

Disney and Lucasfilm rebooted the official Star Wars continuity 2014 to make way for their upcoming slate of films, relegating the Thrawn trilogy to “Legends” status. This meant that, with a few exceptions, all officially licensed Star Wars material published after April 25, 2014, was part of the new canon, and one release referenced Karrde. 2015’s Star Wars: Build the Millennium Falcon references Karrde by describing the armaments on his ship, the Wild Karrde:

“Wild Karrde, smuggler Talon Karrde’s mobile base, began life as a CEC Action VI bulk freighter. This ponderous and ungainly transporter gained three heavy turbolasers, deflector shields, and a larger power source while the hull was reinforced with massive durasteel plates.”

Some Star Wars material published after April 2014 was still considered Legends, including Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 from Dark Horse Comics, which began its run in 2013. This makes the canon status of Build the Millennium Falcon #5 unclear, as it references Legends material not confirmed in other canon sources. However, it was published after the canon reboot, making it possible for Karrde to return in future stories. The only question is whether Karrde needs to return to Star Wars, specifically in the Heir to the Empire movie.

Will Talon Karrde Appear In Dave Filoni’s Heir To The Empire Movie?

Talon Karrde in Star Wars Legends and Boba Fett on Tatooine in The Book of Boba Fett.

Talon Karrde’s return to Star Wars canon may be possible, but that doesn’t mean it’s likely. Karrde hasn’t been featured in The Mandalorian or any of its spinoff shows and may feel out of place in a story full of familiar faces. Of course, the Thrawn trilogy was Karrde’s first appearance in Legends, and it didn’t take long for him to leave an impression and become a fan favorite. Karrde could be a character that Filoni and team are keeping a surprise for Heir to the Empire movie, but they also don’t need him.

Boba Fett is Talon Karrde’s perfect canon replacement, and it’s more logical for him to appear in the Heir to the Empire movie. Like Karrde in Legends, Boba Fett took over Jabba the Hutt’s territory after Return of the Jedi, meaning he can fill Karrde’s role in canon. The Heir to the Empire movie will build off The Mandalorian and Ahsoka, so it should include characters from The Book of Boba Fett. Talon Karrde may not be needed in Star Wars canon, but his return is possible, leaving it to Dave Filoni and the crew to decide whether he should appear in the Heir to the Empire movie.


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