Starbucks Black Cat Halloween Mug in 2023 is TikTok’s latest obsession


As the Starbucks Halloween collection for 2023 appears to have arrived, TikTok users are obsessed with the Black Cat Mug among a range of other mugs and tumblers for the current season.

Starbucks launches its Halloween merchandise every year to treat its fans to the spooky-themed collectibles. The rumors about the release date for this year’s collection seem to be true as fans are showing off the newly launched items they’ve got their hands on.

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Starbucks releases Black Cat Halloween Mug in 2023

Several TikTok users are showing off the Black Cat Halloween mug by Starbucks, which is allegedly selling in the US locations as some have claimed.

The rare collectible is different in design from other tumblers with a transparent body with nothing but the Starbucks logo printed in black on one side and an animated picture of a black cat on the other.

The cover of the tumbler is also black with tiny ears and a slot in the middle to place your straw. The exact price of the seasonal item isn’t revealed.

Starbucks’s online shopping site isn’t selling the Black Cat Halloween Mug other. So we suggest calling your nearest location to check about the Halloween collectibles.

TikTok users are obsessed with the new item

Not just cat lovers, but most Starbucks fans are excited to add the rare item to their collection.

One user wrote: “I need this is my life! Can someone please tell me if this is available in Canada?”

“How many more reminders that I have a black cat do I need? (All of them),” wrote another.

A third person said: “I need this more than anything in the world.”

“I am now walking across the street from my office to Starbucks,” said one.

Halloween cups are popping up in stores

If rumors were to be true, Starbucks’s Halloween collection will be released on Tuesday, September 12.

The neon green slime cold cup has become the center of discussions on Halloween merch as these are spotted by shoppers at Target stores.

Some videos on TikTok show black tumblers with colorful pumpkin art and shiny ones with pumpkin etchings. Popsugar notes all three items glow in the dark.

As far as the mugs are concerned, some TikTok users are showing the one shaped like a pink pumpkin that was on sale at least a week before the rest of the collection dropped.

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