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Starfield players frustrated by outposts storage containers lacking enough space


Starfield players are reporting issues with the storage containers in outposts, claiming they lack sufficient space to effectively store their inventory.

Players have taken to social media sites to share their experiences and are hoping for potential fixes.

Starfield storage containers lack space

What do you guys do for outpost storage? Cause I just started building my first basic outpost and some storage, but it turns out the material containers only hold a handful each. Is there a way around this without building a great wall out of boxes? (Source)

So we just have to keep building ore and components on our ship or build a bunch of storage containers? I would like to not have to be constantly dealing with inventory management in order to play this game. (Source)

Bethesda’s grand space fairing adventure RPG, Starfield, is reportedly making a lot of players suffer with the storage spaces in outposts.

Starfield is a vast game. To have anchors on the massive overworld the game offers players personalized outposts, which act as bases. Here players can place containers to store their items.

But unfortunately, these containers reportedly (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) don’t offer adequate space to be properly useful.

starfield stealth broken

The lack of storage space in containers has raised another issue. Due to the small inventory space players had to use multiple containers. But with so many containers, inventory management has become a frustrating chore.

This isn’t hyperbole or just me hating. Starfield legit has one of the worst, if not the worst storage management system ever. And most of the game relies on this system. Built a Starfield outpost that I wanted as my main base where I hoped to store everything. Built like 30+ storage units cause they hold so few items (Source)

On the other hand, there’s another reported glitch that is affecting storage containers. Some players are reporting that the quantity being stored by the storage units is different in several of them.

I built my storage units for my iron and aluminum at my first outpost but I’m seeing the quantity being stored by the storage units is different in several of them. Some will max out at 125, some max out at 130. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but it is frustrating a little bit. I’ve sleep 10 days just to make sure they werent just filling slowly. (Source)

However, it is not confirmed whether it’s a glitch or not.

How to fix the lack of space in outpost storage containers in Starfield

As the reports piled, many players asked if there was a way to increase the storage space in the containers.


Currently, the only way to increase storage space is to research bigger containers in the research terminal.

So far Bethesda hasn’t issued any official statement on the issue.

We’ll keep track of the situation and post an update if and when there are any further developments on the matter.

Feature image source: Bethesda

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