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Starfield save game not working or loading; progress not saving or syncing across Xbox & PC


Players of Starfield are reporting numerous issues with the game’s performance, crashes, and synchronization on both consoles and PCs.

On the official subreddit, players have shared their experiences. Their reports detail game crashes, glitches, save file corruption, and more.

Starfield performance issues

So I played about 11 hours over a few days. came back a couple days later (today) and tried to play. Game launches fine, I load a save and it loads fine, as soon as I hit any key the game crashes instantly. (Source)

So this is a bit of a weird one but once I load any of my saves (Old, New or even a completely new game save) it instantly makes all 3 of my monitors lose signal. I tried everything like the integrity of the game files on steam, restarting my pc, the works but nothing seems to fix it. Anyone else got an idea of what to do or encountered this problem and fixed it? (Source)

Bethesda’s ambitious space adventure, Starfield, has gained notoriety due to increasing technical issues.

While the game receives positive reviews for its gameplay and other aspects, technical problems are souring the experience for users.

Previously the players had shared numerous reports saying that some of the missions in the game are practically impossible to complete due to the in-game bugs.

Now, reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) are emerging of frequent crashes and performance issues. Some players claim the game crashes every time they attempt to load a save file.

While others claim that they have witnessed instances where their entire ship has disappeared when they tried to fast-travel into a new location or tried to load a saved file.


Rising synching and performance issues of Starfield

As crashing reports continue to rise, players are also experiencing synchronization problems between devices and performance issues.

When I save Starfield on my Desktop PC, and then go to my Laptop, I get the following error; ‘Your other device is taking a long time to sync to the cloud.’ I lost 4 hours of Starfield progress on my game because of this…. ****? (Source)

Many players are claiming that the game is having issues loading areas in certain missions. Some even soft-locking their progress.

Despite these mounting concerns, the developers have not issued an official statement regarding these issues. We will monitor the situation and provide updates as developments occur.

Feature image source: Bethesda

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