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Still Up Review: Little Bit Comforting But Also Monotonous


Still Up Review: The Apple TV+ series stars Antonia Thomas as Lisa, Craig Roberts as Danny, and Black Harrison as Veggie, along with Rich Fulcher, Samantha Spiro, Loi Chimimba, and others. Created by Steve Burge and Natalie Walter, the series is directed by John Addis. The story is by Steve, Natalie and Bryce Hart. There are a total of 8 episodes.

Apple TV’s Still Up Review Contains No Spoilers At All

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Plot Summary

In Apple TV’s Still Up series, Lisa and Danny are friends and insomniacs. Every night, they get on FaceTime or video calls and talk to each other for hours. Little did they know their conversations would bring them closer. So what happens to Lisa and Danny, and does their equation change? We find out everything during the day.

Still Up Review: Discussion

The concept of two people talking for hours at night and having some heartfelt, funny, and sweet conversations without judging each other is something admirable. The series doesn’t waste time and starts with Lisa and Danny talking to each other on a video call. The call goes on until the end of the episode. Thus giving us an idea of what to expect.

Lisa is a chill and funny woman, and Danny comes across as an introvert and socially anxious. Despite such a contract between their personalities, insomnia keeps them bonded. While watching the series, we knew the two might fall for each other and express their feelings. However, they both have a life of their own, and things are not as easy as we expect. So, the uncertainty and excitement about what will happen to them keep you glued.

Still Up Review Still 1

Still Up is comforting to watch in parts, but often gets tedious and repetitive. Several uncalled situations and dramas are added to Lisa and Danny’s story to strengthen their equation. But their reaction and the makers’ treatment of their bond often feel very platonic.

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The only reason both of these characters are so attached is because they’re awake all night and have no one else to talk to. They are bonded by the situation, not sentiments. We even see Lisa restless because she couldn’t talk to Danny one night, and nothing else interests her much. So, the buildup of whatever their equation will be is more due to their dependence on each other than their feelings towards each other.

The characters only talk at night and haven’t met. So the makers leave us curious to know whether they will meet. But the plot doesn’t always take the interesting and fun route to take us to the conclusion. Actors Antonia Thomas and Craig Roberts make Lisa and Danny likeable. But their chemistry is off, and you can’t help but feel stressed to see them not getting their night’s sleep. You can’t help but wonder how the habit must be affecting their health and wish they got help or treatment.

Still Up Review Still 2

Still Up Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Still Up on Apple TV+ is sometimes comforting but quite monotonous. It’s a lovely concept on paper. The story lacks the depth to keep us invested in the conversations of these two people, who only talk on the phone.

The series will drop its first two episodes on September 22, 2023. A new episode will release every Friday on the streaming platform.

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